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  1. Hi, i'm trying to run Cura on my Xubuntu 12.04 install. I've pulled the latest release (i think 13.04) from git and installed all necessary dependencies to build a .deb package (also pypy 1.9 ppa). However cura just can't connect to the printer. I've tested all baud rates, added my user account to the dialout group and set permissions of /dev/ttyACM0 to 666. (Anything else to do?) When trying to upload a new firmware the process just times out, the same goes for trying to start printing after slicing. Does anyone have an idea? Best Regards, Andreas
  2. Hello, after reading this blog-post and realizing waht superb quality one can achieve on an ultimaker, i've tried to get the best out of my machine. As test-object i've chosen the thingiverse owl. I've tried for a 0.075 mm layer thickness and 50 mm/s speed several settings for temperature, infill ratio, etc. As result i've got an overall satisfying quality. However there are two small issues i'm not sure how to fix. At the head 'small holes' are remaing, also there is a slight overextrusion at the very top of the structure. (fig. 1) Overall there are some minor issues at the print surface.
  3. Hi again, Daid was completely right the XY straps were far too loose, also the XY-axis were misalinged. After fixing this prints are now completely smooth and i'm even more impressed with printing quality. (Fig. 1) I wasn't aware of the fact that mechanical vibrations and dampening are this crucial. Well, i just should have asked earlier on this forum instead of spending tons of time tinkering with the superb Cura. Regards, Andreas
  4. Hello fellow ultimaker owners, a month ago i've bought an ultimaker and so far i'm quite satisfied with it. One thing that bothers me however is that the infill doesn't touch the walls which leads to small gaps in between. (fig. 1,2) I'm quite sure that this isn't a hardware problem as i've checked carefully for loose straps or screws. As software i'm using Cura 13.03/12.12A. I've tested several settings for wall thickness, infill ratio and temperature. I've also increased the infill overlap up to 100% with only minor improvement. It seems to me that Cura just underestimates the width of
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