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  1. I'd love to add a public issue tracker. We've recently switched to a system we're hosting ourselves so we would have more control over this. I expect that it's possible. I will see what we can do!
  2. Hi Nick, Thanks for pointing out the importance of getting the site working better. If it's helpful I can be a bit more transparent. There is only a single developer, Mark Moissette, working on new functionality (e.g. the 3D web-application that was mentioned). This is a very specialised kind of app development and we're really excited to work with him. This is different from the Ruby in Rails website development which Mark developer isn't trained to do. Our other Rails developer works both on improving existing functionality and training the second Rails developer. This means that at first things aren't really going faster, but over the course of this month progress should start to speed up. I'm already talking to a third person who's signing up to become part of the team mid next month. We do realize we have to invest more to make not just a "me too" Thingiverse, but really something that works not just better, but also supports creative users more, is easier to print from. This means we need your inspiration and feedback on what to focus on. About 404's, this means "page not found". If someone creates a link to something that doesn't exist, this is normal behavior. Could it be that you're talking about "Oops, something went wrong" errors? If you find any pattern in when unwanted behavior of the website happens, I will to get this info to the developers. They aren't constantly monitoring forums, so things aren't picked up automatically. I hear you say that there's reported "broken" functionality. If you have anything specific that you think we should work on first, let me know. @Nick & VISU-AL: if you have any specific example of content that seems to be missing or renamed. We have specifically designed YouMagine to keep links working even if someone renames the title of a design (which changes the official URL). There should be a redirect from the old URL to the new one. It's also possible that someone has published content which then got unpublished or deleted by the user. The content is then as if it was never there. Do you think that could have been the case? Thanks for pitching in! On behalf of the team, Erik de Bruijn
  3. Thanks for noticing. Colors indeed will be more complicated, as they are lost during CSG calculations. Renderings are made based on the STL that is automatically created by executing OpenSCAD command-line. I indeed see some missing cylinders. The tops of bolts are missing, but also the capacitors (I'm guessing). I found out it's using a pretty ancient OpenSCAD (version 2012.05.26), which I could upgrade. What's the name of your model. I'd love to repeat rendering it with the old version and then upgrade and then compare the two. Erik
  4. FYI: Didier. I've just solved the problem with the signature images. The server that created and served those images had a full disk. I've created some pruning scripts and now this server won't fill up this quickly anymore.
  5. @IRobertI After yesterday evenings hot-fix release the uploading and drag and drop, etc. should now work again in FireFox, IE and Chrome. Notifications are being fixed as well, as we speak. To be released soon. We appreciate all of you who have been reporting back! We're focusing a lot of energy on hunting down all of these bugs.
  6. Hi @IRobertI, I'm happy to say that we've included the fix for the messaging system in the update. We will be adding parts of the last comment to the e-mail in another update, but at least the e-mails will point you to the discussion, not to the private message (which would require login). We're seeing when we can release, not sure if it can be today though.
  7. Hi @IRobertI, do you have a direct link to the page which has a failing 3D preview? It should load up in seconds, not minutes... The comment system should be done differently. I think that a notification of a new comment should bypass the entire messaging system. Because this basically duplicates the messages. -- Erik
  8. A brand new pre-release of YouMagine is now available on next: https://beta:tester@next.youmagine.com (codename: release 06-11). Another URL you can test on will be https://beta:tester@test.youmagine.com On test.youmagine.com you can see more designs because we've mirrored more designs. This is great for testing the search. The site on NEXT will become released on www really-soon-now™. To make this release a success, we depend on your feedback. So give it a try! UltiViewer We're proud to say that Mark Moissette is now part of the YouMagine team as web application engineer! We've reintroduced the UltiViewer, the 3D preview tool for inspecting models. It has been greatly enhanced! It should be more stable and more modular, so we can create extensions and improvements more quickly. One cool feature that's coming up is annotations, you can point out specific points on a 3D model and comment on that. Also, you can add measurements between various points on the surface of a model, e.g. to check certain tolerances. Want to show what the thickness of a particular wall is? Annotations are a way to do this. Improved Search After releasing the improved search we went on to make it even better! Being able to easily find what you're looking for is important. The search results will have a better ranking (popularity of items are taken into account). Will also include items with matching tags. It will have typeahead search, during typing you will already see search results appear! You'll even see little preview images of the items. Search will also become permanently visible in the top navigation bar (in the release after the upcoming one). We fixed several bugs! If you were on page 10 of a design listing, searching for a design resulted in 0 results because it would display page 10 of the results. Sign in with Google Register and sign in with a few clicks using your existing Google account! Alternative versions More formats will now have (3D) and rendered previews! Also, it will automatically create STLs if it's not already an STL file. We now automatically create STL files when an SCAD, JSCAD, OBJ, DAE, OFF, 3DS or PLY file is uploaded. This means that you don't need to generate that STL export for your SCAD file, YouMagine will do it for you! We want to promote the uploading of native formats so we intend to start rendering popular formats into STL for you, so you don't have to add these yourself. We were thinking of STEP as the next one, but we're unsure how to generate STLs from STEP files, at this moment. If you have any ideas, let us know! Many fixes and tweaks, among which: For a design that is collected by someone, we've fixed that you can't press the "x" button to delete it from the collection if belongs to someone else (thanks for reporting, @Didier). The unread message counts should be correct now. File type icon sizes were off in some cases. The YouTalk widget will not switch designs as quickly anymore (thanks @Kolia) The "share" buttons on a design's page should now work again. Zip files weren't always recreated for an updated design, should now happen. Search results can now also be retrieved in .json format. Great for those who integrate search in an application. Some performance upgrades. Login icons are now bigger in the current release (thanks @Blizz). Please have a look at it on NEXT and soon on the main www.youmagine.com version! We'd love to know what you think! In particular we'd love to know whether you still have designs that you expect to find but can't find. There will always be a bit of debate of what is the best sequence, please understand that we can't make everyone happy, but if result ranking is just completely off. Wilco, Mark, Joris, Ronald and Erik YouMagine
  9. Thanks for the suggestions, Stefan, In addition to wiki-style images inline with the text, I'm thinking that screencasts would also work well. Embedding a youtube video in the Cura Plugin section is already supported. Cura plugins could benefit from a "template" in the description which is helpful but doesn't enforce anything. E.g. "Compatible with: Cura 14.7+ Plugin type: GCode" Also, we could invite some consistency by having a layout of the parameters on that page. The "Last updated at" could be more prominent, indeed. Stefan, what do you mean by the following? Do you mean having a list of different versions of the same file? You can already upload a file multiple times, but they will look identical, even if they are different versions.
  10. Hi guys, Erik here! Thanks for suggesting YouMagine. We've already been thinking of creating a better "connection" between YouMagine and Cura. Especially now, plugins are a good place to start. Designs can already have tags, so a tag Cura Plugin could already be used to refer to this special "type". A category could also be an option to keep Cura plugins under. However, we're more than happy to create support for this special type of non-design contribution. Let us know how this should look and we can take that into account when designing a dedicated feature for this... So far I'm thinking of this: A youmagine.com/cura-plugins/ page with an explanation of what Cura plugins are and a direct listing of plugins. Plugins could be "favorited". Going into a plugin's page will allow you to download it and discuss it, much like a design. In the future a direct "install" button would be appropriate. Ability to use screenshots and other image inline in the description. P.s. I've asked the hoster and apparently the webserver of the wiki is having a problems, but it's still 'powered up'. No one from Ultimaker has asked for the "plug" to be pulled. Having said that, I think the wiki has had it's "best days" as it's already been made read-only as a last resort and now this. I'm almost certain that we can get the wiki pages available again, but assume it's temporarily, so see it as an opportunity to export pages.
  11. The new release is now live! We have rolled back the release about 1 hour ago because download links didn't work, but now this is fixed and we've gone back to the new version of YouMagine! Let us know if you find any problems! Please tell us here and also at info@youmagine.com if possible! Thanks a lot!
  12. Good point, we can and will probably paginate them for performance reasons. Of course it makes sense to display at least 12 items for each collection and then a series of pages or a "More..." button to zoom in on a specific collection. @Kolia: If he/she is good, feel free to let him contact us at info@youmagine.com and include a resume / showcase and motivation letter.
  13. @Kolia, almost all of your issues made it into the development tracker in some way! The issue with starting on the 3rd page with search will be fixed before the release. Description of a collection will become optional! Trending and popular are similar. We're working on a better way to match new design you may be interested in by looking at things you've downloaded, liked and/or printed and make a more personal recommendation for new items. The printability will indeed require more information and shouldn't be about "good or bad" design, but more about "Easy print vs. challenging" and then related to the printer that was used! This rating will be merged with the "I made this" functionality where you can also enter your printer and the profile used. The upload process should already have improved by a lot because the images are uploaded serially instead of in parallel. This means that individual images will be uploaded faster and the next one begins uploading as soon as the previous one finished. If you're still having that problem, let me know! Drag and drop re-ordering! Yes, that makes sense, but it's a lot of work I will definitely keep it in mind. The error related to your profile should become fixed "really soon" ! Thanks for all the feedback everyone!
  14. @all: In the next couple of days we're about to release a major release. The most requested feature is being addressed: SEARCH! Some major features are that we've implemented an improved search engine. It should find many more items, and we can now rank results according to where the matches occur. The weight of importance of a match is title, then abstract then description. We're currently hosting a mirror of the entire site at http://youmagine-testing.herokuapp.com specifically so you can try out the search function today. This is a copy where you can test search, please don't publish things there because it's isolated from the live version. Also: [*]Better support for mobile browsing! Not fully responsive yet, but its a first step![*]We've added a "Collection" where you can add designs to a collection, e.g. "Things to print", in addition to your favorites. [*]The "Designer" pages now have nice stats. [*]You can list your skills on your profile! [*]You can upload a zip file and choose "Expand" and it will extract the file for you adding its contents as documents. [*]You can nog log in an comment at the same time, if you were logged out. [*]We're finalizing Google+ signing as a possibility. [*]Lots of fixes, tweaks and improvements all over the site! Please go to http://youmagine-testing.herokuapp.com and then comment on the improvements and let us know whether you think they were implemented well. We can now still fix bugs that you might spot and that we're overlooking, or ask us to change something and we'll definitely consider it! (either for this or another release). P.s. @kolia, thanks for all your feedback and encouragement!
  15. Hi guys, this has been put in GitHub and we'll get around to fixing it soon!
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