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  1. I'd love to add a public issue tracker. We've recently switched to a system we're hosting ourselves so we would have more control over this. I expect that it's possible. I will see what we can do!
  2. Hi Nick, Thanks for pointing out the importance of getting the site working better. If it's helpful I can be a bit more transparent. There is only a single developer, Mark Moissette, working on new functionality (e.g. the 3D web-application that was mentioned). This is a very specialised kind of app development and we're really excited to work with him. This is different from the Ruby in Rails website development which Mark developer isn't trained to do. Our other Rails developer works both on improving existing functionality and training the second Rails developer. This means that at first
  3. Thanks for noticing. Colors indeed will be more complicated, as they are lost during CSG calculations. Renderings are made based on the STL that is automatically created by executing OpenSCAD command-line. I indeed see some missing cylinders. The tops of bolts are missing, but also the capacitors (I'm guessing). I found out it's using a pretty ancient OpenSCAD (version 2012.05.26), which I could upgrade. What's the name of your model. I'd love to repeat rendering it with the old version and then upgrade and then compare the two. Erik
  4. FYI: Didier. I've just solved the problem with the signature images. The server that created and served those images had a full disk. I've created some pruning scripts and now this server won't fill up this quickly anymore.
  5. @IRobertI After yesterday evenings hot-fix release the uploading and drag and drop, etc. should now work again in FireFox, IE and Chrome. Notifications are being fixed as well, as we speak. To be released soon. We appreciate all of you who have been reporting back! We're focusing a lot of energy on hunting down all of these bugs.
  6. Hi @IRobertI, I'm happy to say that we've included the fix for the messaging system in the update. We will be adding parts of the last comment to the e-mail in another update, but at least the e-mails will point you to the discussion, not to the private message (which would require login). We're seeing when we can release, not sure if it can be today though.
  7. Hi @IRobertI, do you have a direct link to the page which has a failing 3D preview? It should load up in seconds, not minutes... The comment system should be done differently. I think that a notification of a new comment should bypass the entire messaging system. Because this basically duplicates the messages. -- Erik
  8. A brand new pre-release of YouMagine is now available on next: https://beta:tester@next.youmagine.com (codename: release 06-11). Another URL you can test on will be https://beta:tester@test.youmagine.com On test.youmagine.com you can see more designs because we've mirrored more designs. This is great for testing the search. The site on NEXT will become released on www really-soon-now™. To make this release a success, we depend on your feedback. So give it a try! UltiViewer We're proud to say that Mark Moissette is now part of the YouMagine team as web application engineer! We've rein
  9. Thanks for the suggestions, Stefan, In addition to wiki-style images inline with the text, I'm thinking that screencasts would also work well. Embedding a youtube video in the Cura Plugin section is already supported. Cura plugins could benefit from a "template" in the description which is helpful but doesn't enforce anything. E.g. "Compatible with: Cura 14.7+ Plugin type: GCode" Also, we could invite some consistency by having a layout of the parameters on that page. The "Last updated at" could be more prominent, indeed. Stefan, what do you mean by the following? Do you mean havi
  10. Hi guys, Erik here! Thanks for suggesting YouMagine. We've already been thinking of creating a better "connection" between YouMagine and Cura. Especially now, plugins are a good place to start. Designs can already have tags, so a tag Cura Plugin could already be used to refer to this special "type". A category could also be an option to keep Cura plugins under. However, we're more than happy to create support for this special type of non-design contribution. Let us know how this should look and we can take that into account when designing a dedicated feature for this... So far I'm thinking
  11. The new release is now live! We have rolled back the release about 1 hour ago because download links didn't work, but now this is fixed and we've gone back to the new version of YouMagine! Let us know if you find any problems! Please tell us here and also at info@youmagine.com if possible! Thanks a lot!
  12. Good point, we can and will probably paginate them for performance reasons. Of course it makes sense to display at least 12 items for each collection and then a series of pages or a "More..." button to zoom in on a specific collection. @Kolia: If he/she is good, feel free to let him contact us at info@youmagine.com and include a resume / showcase and motivation letter.
  13. @Kolia, almost all of your issues made it into the development tracker in some way! The issue with starting on the 3rd page with search will be fixed before the release. Description of a collection will become optional! Trending and popular are similar. We're working on a better way to match new design you may be interested in by looking at things you've downloaded, liked and/or printed and make a more personal recommendation for new items. The printability will indeed require more information and shouldn't be about "good or bad" design, but more about "Easy print vs. challenging"
  14. @all: In the next couple of days we're about to release a major release. The most requested feature is being addressed: SEARCH! Some major features are that we've implemented an improved search engine. It should find many more items, and we can now rank results according to where the matches occur. The weight of importance of a match is title, then abstract then description. We're currently hosting a mirror of the entire site at http://youmagine-testing.herokuapp.com specifically so you can try out the search function today. This is a copy where you can test search, please don't publis
  15. Hi guys, this has been put in GitHub and we'll get around to fixing it soon!
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