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  1. If I click on '#' link it brings me to a page with a big red box that says: Oops! Excuse me The resource / page / 3D object you requested does not exist.... bla bla bla. Tried again with same result, made me lose interest, sorry. Btw: the 'report a problem' is so far below bottom of page that I doubt it will get much use (tested in chromium and firefox on ubuntu).
  2. To bad the GoPro template can't be downloaded :sad:
  3. Zal je net zien net toen ik op het punt stond te vertrekken sloeg een geniepig virusje toe. Ben weer op de been maar baal deze avond gemist te hebben. Maar goed ik zie dat de ervaring hier al aardig gedeeld worden, top :-)
  4. I secong this request as I like to use my monitor in portret mode.
  5. Finally a weekend at home again which also means I will be around to attend this Ulti-Evening :-)
  6. Zou graag langs komen maar zit voor werk tot 5 a 6 uur opgesloten in een Ford fabriek in Duitsland :-(
  7. Well when bitching about errors, I'm missing the <rant> tag ;-) Other than that I agree.
  8. In album you can see the 9 different parts I used. All colors except white are a single 0.2mm layer. The white one has two 0.3mm layers, you can use more but with two the back is still flexible. As you can see the colored ones have a small border the same outer dimension as white piece making them align perfectly, as long as you don't accidentally move them. In between prints remove the alignment border and skirt when on, skirt is not really needed as the alignment border is basically a skirt. If you need to keep the bed warm depends on what build service you use, with the one I use I could let the first 5 colors sit overnight on a cold platform without them getting loose, needed to wait for the final cyan color to arrive.
  9. Well, just found out I'm on a German tour for work the next month so will not have much time during that period anyway, hopefully your more happy with your new baby when I return to home base :-) Thanks in advance for your great work, really like the current Cura already so new one must be awesome when it is completely done.
  10. They just did during the world maker fair in New York: the ultimaker original plus. An original with heated printbed bed and 3 point leveling.
  11. Zie geen images in je album, kan het zijn dat dat het album private in plaats van public is?
  12. @Dim3nsioneer: I'm fully aware of that, still I'm curious about the future and like to help out were possible.
  13. And were can we find these nightly builds? Would love to test the linux version.
  14. Sounds like I will have enough attention for my blocked nozzle ;-)
  15. Colors were done in 8 steps, needed to do dark blue and purple in two steps due to limitations in scad, of about 10 minutes on average, single 0.2mm layer including filament change and removal of alignment border. The white back took about 45 minutes for two 0.3mm layers. Edit: and a wait of 16 hours for the missing light blue filament to arrive.
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