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  1. Thanks pm for the detail. Very much appreciated :grin:
  2. Hi pm_dude Sorry yes that would be useful - it is an Ultimaker 1. Our new card a 2GB card. What is the best card to source for an Ultimaker 1?
  3. I am struggling to use an alternative SD card (i.e. one that was not supplied with the machine) and thus cannot print anything. The printer constantly shows 'no card' when going through the menu to select the GCODE and print?? It is a 2GB card but otherwise I am lost as to why I cant use this new SD card? All and any thoughts very VERY welcome Cheers
  4. I’m relatively new to the amazing world of 3D printing and having used this forum for some very real printer issues (now happily resolved) and found this forum very helpful I thought I throw out for some guidance. Im now getting very familiar with the Ultimaker but I wanted to use this forum of experts for some specific guidance to help me get even more from my Ultimaker. Im an AutoCAD (construction design) veteran and have developed all 3D models to date within the CAD suite. I’m also well versed in Sketchup but we’re on the verge (as a business) of migrating to REVIT. We need this for its BIM properties but I was wondering if this community had any suggestions on THE best 3D printer modelling suite? Also what would people recommend for protecting the printer bed? Im using masking tape but leaves a moulding effect on all models base and this seems like a very good place to start with ‘improving the quality of my models’ goal. Many thanks J
  5. Yep models are printed and the enable retraction is selected. It almost appears as if its a trail as the nozzle moves around the printed item? im studiously watching the print to try to understand the prcess and it appears that as the nozzle moves around the model it leaves a tiny amount of PLA as it moves and over the course of the print and many layers it has the effect of appearing as if its part of the model? What temp would you recommend is set it at? im running at 210 currently? J
  6. Design query I’m building my models in AutoCAD 3D 2013. I’m currently working on an item that requires raised font to be detailed upon the objects surface. Im producing the desired results from CAD but once I input the design into Cura it is producing very annoying ‘construction lines’?. Lines of PLA that zig and zagg across the surface and join with each item of lettering? It’s spoiling the look at the object. Does anyone have experience of this? And can I mitigate the issue within Cura settings? We’re currently in the process of purchasing Sketchup (mainly for our architectural design requirements) but was wondering If said software would produce better models V's AutoCAD 2013? J
  7. Many thanks for the responses. Huge help. I have now rectified the issue. i simply removed the bowden, via the clip, and resolved to brute force. It worked. The tempreture had resulted in an almost perfect 'plug' at the bowden/nozzle junction and would explain why I was having so much difficulty pulling through via the extrusion gearing mechanism at the back. I removed the enitre filament, cut away the element that had been damaged by the gearing and reinserted the filament. Quite a few lessons learnt today. Every day is a school day....... Many thanks once again, machine is now happily whirring away as I get back to the business of design Great forum! J
  8. Sounds reasonable. The main issue with that is I didn’t build this machine. Could you point me in the direction of a good manual for this aspect of work? I have read that if I remove the Bowden tube (blue clip and push down?) I can remove direct from the nozzle? That would provide me with more purchase on the filament but I’m reluctant as I’m nervous of damaging the ‘business end’ of the process
  9. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately the manual extruder won’t budge anything either?! I’m a little lost now as the plastic is to temperature (very hot to touch and the occasioanl plastic ball drips from the head) and yet I’m unable to manually extrude the filament with the wheel and I’m unable to pull through. The feed does appear to have eaten into the filament (it is roughly a third less its manufactured diameter and there is fine plastic inside?) in the housing which might explain the reason in the first place?
  10. I’m in the very first week of 3D printing and I’m loving it. However our Ultimaker has suddenly stopped extruding plastic at the preheat stage?? I have removed the extruder feeder clip (at least it swings below) at the rear of the machine and im trying to pull through the filament within the Bowden. However it will simply not budge, no matter how much pressure I apply. Ive had the machine at 210 for some time so should be more than warm enough and I just can’t get the filament out? All thoughts greatly received J
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