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  1. Its Elmers PVA that people rave about in the US i think. Heat the bed to 60deg, brush the 50/50 mix on and let it dry, then print. Everything sticks and comes off with a high gloss base, XT, PLA, Nylon etc. Okay you can use the glue stick that comes with the kit but I prefer the brush on method for a cleaner finish. I use it on my UM2, UM 1's and the Printrbot Plus.
  2. The upgrade is definitely worth it and helps bridges the gap to the UM2. Scrap the glue stick though, 50 / 50 water and PVA and apply with a brush works fantastic.
  3. It moved 130mm by from asking the bed to move 100mm Current Zsteps/mm: +0533.3
  4. Sorry thought the pronteface measurement was a bit vague and i had to swap a stepper motors over as the heat sink was missing. So that is when i printed the 10mm cube so i could do some exact measurements.
  5. Hi Ataraxis Won't the difference in steps on the old stepper compared to the new stepper mean I wont be able to tell what the old one should be doing without putting the old Z stage back in?
  6. Hi I have been asked to start this as a new topic and I you can help. UM original now with the official heated bed kit fitted, and i am now getting a bad stretch in the Z direction. If i print a 10mm cube to check dimensions the results are 9.58x 9.46y 12.7z mm. I updated the firmware through Cura 15.02.1 and used the corrected heated bed option and now have HBK 250000.hex installed. It printed great as a standard machine, so what i have i done since upgrading??
  7. Interesting as I am now having the same problem , though it is caused by using the official heated bed upgrade. It was working fine before as a standard UM, so installed the bed upgraded the firmware to HBK 250000.hex and now I get double height prints. Similar thing if I move Z by 10mm in pronteface I get 20mm b]So is that stepper of software??
  8. No takers!! Make me an offer if you are based in the UK,
  9. Used UM2 just replaced the PTFE Isolator and it comes with another new spare, low friction filament holder and revised extruder fitted. I was running two ultimakers but only need one now. £1500.00
  10. Just started laying out the design for 500x500mm with a standard frame height due to only having a 600x400mm laser cutter, the plan is to move the z stage to the side wall and mirror on the other side. Construction is 5mm acylic as i would like it in white and frosted. I would like to sneak out more Z height as per the ultimaker 2 so what do people think is the best way?
  11. I now own a laser cutter big enough to cut out the panels to extend my ultimaker 1, so who are the best suppliers of parts that people would recommend, only requirement is they ship to the UK. I am after 400 x400 heated bed plus glass, longer belts and rods. Also as i will need to extend the wiring for the steppers and limit switches, where can i get the original connectors male and female.
  12. Hi George Thanks for the info, ordered the Pololu A4988 black. Realised i have a limit switch not working, would the stepper fail it the motor reached the motion limit but did not turn off? Just trying to work out a possible reason for the failure.
  13. My Ultimaker 1's latest trick is eating stepper drivers, just killed two this morning upon switching it on. How makes the best replacement and i want ones that are pre soldered. I would get the genuine ones but postage is mental to the UK and i need them asap. Cheers
  14. Cheers Richardphat I have just stripped the whole board and compared it to a board i have with a dodgy switch and i am getting difference resistance readings, which make me realise as you say i 'fried the transitor' bugger. Thanks for the info.
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