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  1. Thank you for the response guys. By normal settings I think you are saying to change the nozzle size in the full settings under the Advaned menu? illuminarti, your right that I am ready for the full settings but I am still learing and had problems with printing with some Black PLA last weekend and found that the Black PLA I had just was not that great. Switched to the white PLA I have and everything started working great again. Making a nozzle isn't that hard when you are a toolmaker and have a good lathe to work with. My Ultimaker is now printing really nice now. I love this machine!
  2. I made my own nozzle the other day. It has a .5mm hole in it. Not the stock .4mm hole that the Ultimaker comes with. Just wondering where you change the nozzle size when generating prints in the Quickprint mode?
  3. Another problem I had was with the tempeture readings going up or down giving a temp ERR. This turned out to be a bad solder connection on the amp board. One of the leads on the green screw terminal connector was not soldered to the board good enough. I just had to touch up the solder joint and it works perfect now.
  4. Had the same problem. Two wires were swaped the wrong way on the connector that goes to the tiny amp board on top of the print head. The wires that plug into the amp board with the white connector that has the black dot on it are the ones I am talking about. When you look at the white connector at the end of the wire with the black dot facing you and with it pluged in. The yellow wire should be on the left. The red wire in the middle and the black wire on the right. That fixed the problem with reading 93C all the time.
  5. My controller just did the same thing. Screen was full of odd letters then it stopped printing right in the middle of the print. I was printing from the SD card but did have it pluged into the usb cable at one time today. Not pluged in when it went bad. Turned the machine off and back on and it is working again. Getting tired of spending more time adjusting the machine and now that it is working good this happens. I guess this is really a kit machine. Not something figured out yet.
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