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  1. Thank you very much for this mod! I was thinking it would be nice to see the Z height or layer number and of course you guys thought of it already. Very cool interface.
  2. Gijs, I just had this same issue and broke my sensor at the leads. The sensor sheath is so far into the block I can't get it out with tweezers or pliers. Now I have a bad nozzle and a bad sensor. Edit: I managed to get my sensor out. Used a screw about the same size as the temp sensor diameter and screwed it in tight then took some pliers and pulled the screw along with the sensor out. So thankfully I can use this nozzle still.
  3. I was just dealing with this bed calibration issue over the weekend. My home position on the bed is lower than the back right position. After pulling the bed apart I determined that my heated aluminum plate is not completely flat for one, maybe from colliding with the print head, and the corners have different degrees of height. The middle seems to be lower than the rest. The biggest culprit though was the rear spring on my UM2. It is badly curved, effectively angling the rear of the bed in whatever direction its sitting in since there is only the one point creating a fulcrum. I rotated my
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