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  1. I usually make my own model but not this time Needed to be made in a hurry for the tournement, I downloaded it from thingsiverse
  2. My boyfriend wasn't too interested in 3d printing, Printed this for his hearstone tournement at work, planning to airbrush a silver and bronze one, He's sold now.
  3. Yah I kind of needs to know too... I,ve tried pieces with overhang way easier than this with way shittier result
  4. Made some great prints recently, unfortunatly cannot share them yet as they are character I made under Non-disclosure-agreement. Here's a little quickie model I did this afternoon and decided to print for fun. Any fans of Attack on Titan? Small little flaws tho, One of the ''triangle'' at the bottom curved a bit so the surface isn't as good as the other one. I have a line across one of the shape on the logo too. Not too sure why that happened, it's not on the design and it's the only one like it
  5. @Valcrow, wow, this is some very clean prints!
  6. Hahaha I'm so sorry, it was just a small little question!! I aldready knew about the filler primer but I was wondering if people where using specific brand and where they could find it. I bought one brand over here and it's a car primer but I'm not so sure about the result. It seems like it's so liquid and it create drip all over the model, plus I could only find it in a red color, Would rather be able to find it in a white-gray color like most people have been using here. You should be proud tho I did make a post in the question area for my (maybe) bloked nozzle XD
  7. This is my latest attempt at printing my Jinx model, Had a lot of trouble with printing the model one shot because of the hair mostly, both in the back and the hair in the front. Decided to split it in two (some bad decision on my side tho there, decided to split it pretty much halfway throught her ''necklace'') I did brake one of her front chunk of hair because I decided to remove the support with a little bit not enough care, I'm going to try and glue it back. What kind of glue works well with PLA by the way? There is some clean up to do, especially on parts like her chin, tho It seems
  8. Braddock : If you ever want to share your Spool thinghy, I would love that. Not really good at making those kind of stuff myself! Codeczombie I don't think it's actually the spool holder doing the noise, seems like it's coming from that little guy (that will be his name in the lack of a proper term) Heres some pict of my latest print Overall it turned out better than my previous attempt. I had to stop it cause some of my handmade support for the chin broke, It was going to become a tangly mess again. I feel like the surface is a bit less smooth that on Jinx, both were printed at 0.06mm,
  9. Hey guys! Here's a little video showing up the squeaking noise, If I just help it a bit by pulling on the filament to loose the reel, it fix the issue for a lil while. But then as soon as it get tight again, the squeaking is back again and It's really annoying on long prints. http://instagram.com/p/oV5UrpOfJ7/ I realised something too yesterday. I was always having no problem with prints sticking to the build plate at first and the only part that had trouble (except some light under extrusion) was a hanging surface issue. So then I added support, throught mexmixer at first. Then all of
  10. Hey, sorry to ask so much question, Seems like my extruder is doing a very screeching, squeaking noise, I'm pretty sure it wasn't doing that sound before. WHat could be causing this, is there something I can do? Should I stop the print I am doing?
  11. Heloooooo So I did take on a pretty big challenge (I knew this was going to fail haha) with an attempt to print Jinx. Wanted to see how it turned out to try and fix my mistakes. I had some problem with Cura, you know the little saving icon under where you usually see the progress, it was always stopping very close to the end, and would never finish, Seemed like it was a problem with my shell thickness (manage to finish once I changed it) What exactly does that mean and what is a good setting for it? So this was printed at 20mm/s, .06 layer height no support (duh... what do you guys use f
  12. Hey guys! Nah I actually waited that the print bed was completly cold before removing it, I didn't try to remove it before the cooling period was over. Dunno why it sticked so much tho!
  13. Yay for my first print!! The little robot is stuck on the glass bed... Now what? *edit* Neverming, got it off, will definitly need a metal spatula or something, that thing didnt't want to move!
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