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  1. Here i found: http://www.ricardo.ch/kaufen/computer-und-netzwerk/drucker-und-zubehoer/sonstige/ultimaker-um1-blue-edition/v/an737484260/
  2. Hi Es läuft! Zuerst den Darlington Transistor ersetzt. Wahrscheinlich ist der alte hinüber. Dann die Pronterface GUI runtergeladen. Dort gehts einwandfrei. Im GUI Fenster von Cura schaffe ich es nicht. Nun läuft der Lüfter auch während des Drucks. (Maschine ist am drucken.....ach ist das herrlich.) Gruss Walter
  3. Geht leider nicht. Kann das Pronterface Fenster öffnen doch in der Zeile steht nur: < echo:Unknown command: Den Befehl M106 kann ich nicht eingeben.
  4. Ahh, danke. Werde das heute Abend ausprobieren. Kann ich den Transistor irgendwie ausmessen? Gruss Walter
  5. Hi Danke für die Antwort. Ich habe da noch eine "Anfängerfrage" Wie und wo kann ich den gcode M106 S255 eingeben? Gruss Walter
  6. So, nach langem hin und her habe ich das Austauschboard von UM für meinen Ultimaker1 bekommen. Flux eingebaut. Nun läuft alles bis auf den Extruder Lüfter?! Was ich bis jetzt probiert habe: - Lüfter extern via Labornetzgerät bestromt: geht. - Kabel auf defekte untersucht: keine - Lötstellen auf PCB 1.5.7 untersucht: keine kalte Stelle gefunden Was könnte ich noch checken? Kann ich den Transistor ausmessen? Kann ich den Lüfter Manuel via gcode aktivieren? Danke und Gruss Walter
  7. @Markus: Sad but true. A little update in my hopeless Case: Sander told me last night via Forum that they go double checking my trackingnumber. Doublechecking??!! I phone to DHL and they said: this number does not exist. At least, i am still... WAITING!!! Tomorrow i shouldt have an presentation in a technical Highschool with my Ultimaker. I told that on Monday the Guys from Ultimaker. I think its possible to send a PCB Board with DHL/UPS from Netherlands to Switzerland in 4-5 Days! Argh, i am going realy pissed off! regards Walter
  8. So, this topic is now half a day old. I am still waiting. No DMs no mail from support. I have long compared various 3D printer. In Ultimaker I was sure to support a cool and innovative young factory. I was aware it might take a little longer. The but the warranty handling is even worse gives me the rest. That it is so difficult, annoying and impossible I have not even dreamed of. now I would advise against any new customers to order something at Ultimaker! Not at this price. So Ultimaker please do something!
  9. @ Didier Klein: Yes, good things you never hear.... The goal of building a excellent Factory is to get rich AND HAVE HAPPY CUSTOMERS.
  10. @Robert: Yes i knew that. No Question. Only a real and truth response via mail or PM via Forum thats all i want. (ok, a new PCB also...) :-| What about Trackingnumbers they not exist? I kow a Tracking must be activated by DHL/Fedex. But 3 Days...com on. And belive me: Its better for your Soul/Head to have no Ultimaker than a Ultimaker how stays there on the workbench and have no function. :mad:
  11. I know that the UM Factory is growing, growing is sometimes not an easy thing. But what could be so difficult to send an new PCB Bord to me?! Grab a PCB Board from the Stock, put some Bubblewrap around it, put it in a Box, print Label and tell DHL/Fedex to pick em up. :???:
  12. It is so sad You order a UM1 You wait You wait very long You contacting the Support You wait You are angry about the customer service you wait you wait very long You get the UM1 You get broken Hardware You contact our Support you wait you wait You get a wrong tracking number You contact our Support you wait you wait And for everything you have paid 1100 Euros. Awesome!
  13. Hi guys Thanks for the well spoken words. Here is my problem: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/5566-um1-does-not-connect-to-usb-on-pc/
  14. It's incredible. In my new Ultimaker 1, I have a problem with the PCB 1.5.7. I have opened a support ticket. (Sunday evening 04/05/2014) Unfortunately, I have to date received no reply. I am very disappointed and would never recommend this company Ultimaker in my study circle. The extremely long delivery time and the consolations were still excusable but what follows I think too much. regards Walter
  15. Thank you for the help. I didn't found the problem. For me it seems like a short on the PCB. But my electrical knowledge is not that big. I have open a ticket in the support. regards Walter
  16. the Ulticontroller plugged in: no reaction on the Ulticontroller, same problem with USB without the Ulticontroller: samesame
  17. I try it once again: with all the cables connected: same problem without all the cables disconnected: same problem
  18. Hi I am testing it out: No. i can make only a connection when the arduino is only lonely on the USB Cable. When i plug the arduino on the UM 1.5.7 all the lights on the arduino go out.
  19. Hi there so, my UM1 has arrived my workbench. Now it is assembled and i want to go to the sofware setup. But there is a Problem: - my PC is not found any Ultimaker Divice on USB. - when i only plugged the Arduino without the UM1 Board on it goes very well. - i try it also on MAC and its the same problem. No USB connection to the printer?! - on MAC the Arduino Board only connecting easy to Cura. Dammn, i am waiting a lot of weeks and now something like that! I hate it..... Regards from Switzerland Walter
  20. Yes, i understand you totally. I have also other Printer-Builder on sight, but UM has my money. Everytime i send a Order-Canceling to the Support...they told that my Order is ready to ship...?!
  21. Oh man, thats exactly the same way i am doing......awesome. I feel like Jesus on the way to the cross....
  22. I ordered only an UM1 Kit. :???: No other parts or accessories. @JonnyBischof: On wich date you have ordered? regards Walter
  23. Hi The true Lead-Time for an UM1 is 5-8 Weeks. I know that well..... :mad: Regards Walter
  24. News: Sander promised me that my Order go shipped on Week 17. :-P I hope so.... Regards Walter
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