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  1. I would like to get back de USB connection to my Ultimaker2 As is was on the Ultimaker. So Printing from Cura to USB is possible again. On the fly settings are Easyer to do and monitoring the process is easyer.( remotely by remote desktop ) Also the Time to Print will then be more accurata. Greetings Adriaan
  2. Hello Daid, Thanks for you answer, i did find the SSD1309 controllertype in the source but they are all small size 1.5" , the one in the ultimaker 2 is "if i'm not mistaken" about 2,7" could you state where you got it from ? or a partnumber ? Greetings Adriaan
  3. The Public assembly guide is now on grithub to download. b.t.w. do you know what displaytype is used in the Ultimaker 2 ( its an OLed, but cant find the type ) Greetings Adriaan
  4. Is there somone who can look inside an Ultimaker 2 at the display and tell me what Displaytype is used ? i'm Building my own from scratch but cant find the type that is used. its not in the BOM on grithub. With kind regards Adriaan
  5. Greetings all, Now Ultimaker 2 is OpenSource i want to build my own. What i Cant find is the type of OLED Used. Does anyone know what type is used in de Ultimaker 2. Greetings Carfreak
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