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  1. yes, I agree, that was very unclear, and probably had an error or two. Only now had time to check up on this thread... my issue was with a thin wall, i was trying to create a pocked for a magnet and use the thinnest wall possible. below 0.4mm cura skipped it, didn't slice it. i think it was the same for 0.4mm. then at 0.41mm... *pause to rerun tests with simple part* ok, something is very wonky here. see image link below. this part has a 0.41mm wall on the right, and 0.4 on the left (same for slats, but those i'll ignore right now). i tried values from 0.3 to 1.2, and at various stops eit
  2. About the original topic: I think this can be considered a bug in cura 14.03. I've been trying to print a very thin wall. Anything above 0.4mm gets printed fine, but anything below gets skipped in the layer cutting. The bug is in the relationship with the wall thickness - the 0.41mm wall will be skipped if the wall thickness is higher than 0.4, but once it gets to 1.2 it's not skipped anymore. Why is this? And in general, why are these tied together? If I need a thin wall in one place but I don't want the whole part to have a super-thin shell, what am I supposed to do? J.
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