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  1. Hello, Has any one experience lines on the prints as per the attached. I have printed some 800 + chess pieces plus a few smaller projects and now starting to get these lines. nozzle is clean and the belts have been tensioned using a tensioner downloaded from you magine.... MArk
  2. Hello can any on e suggest why I would be getting lines on my prints.....I would love to up load a picture but I always seem to have trouble doing so on this site both in ultimaker and you magine????
  3. many thanks for the reply, found out it is a setting in the machine .....machine settings.....gantry height.... mark
  4. many thanks sir I will give it a go......
  5. hello , how can you alter the height at which cura decided that you cant print multiple object one at a time. Mark.
  6. Hello, I am Currently printing out many chess pieces and would like to know how to disable or override cura in deciding the height with which it will allow you to print multiple objects higher than the bottom rails. Yes I know the has a risk as I have already had a problem. my standard size castles (bishops) will not fit under the rails once printed however the cura software will still allow this to print in multiples. the trick I found was to position them in the correct orientations and they will not clash. you can only print 4 at a time other wise you will still clash. I need to be able to do this with other taller pieces instead of one at a time once I get taller than a castle. My request for this is because I could load up, for example, two bishops a king and a queen and let them all print but one at a time, not all at once. this would save a load of time as you would not have to sit and wait for a print to finish and then re load. you could then set the four items away overnight and keep the printer running for 6 to 8 hours and have 4 prints complete as opposed to 1.5 hours and 1 print. Any ideas or thoughts welcome. PS I don't really like the finish when printing multiples all the same time....retractions and blemish is no good although I do get this problem with the quarks. Mark
  7. Hello I was wondering the very same thing. I am printing out many chess pieces, I can print 10 pawns no problem one at a time. two castles and a prince and princess no problem.......this is the confusing bit. when I first printed the 2 x castles and prince and princess when, I came back to the completed print one of the castles had been knocked over. The castles were to tall to clear the gantry....I have the latest cura update and still the same thing happens. this is not a problem as I can place the pieces so that the gantry does not hit the castles if the spacing is set correct and the sequence is checked. I would love to be able to override this functions as I could print 4 pieces in one go in stead of having to do one then re load. this ties you to the printer to much. basically I could leave two bishops king and queen printing over night, As it is at the moment I could only leave one printing (only takes a couple of hours) but then the printer is sitting idle for the rest of the night...........in the next upgrade of cura can the "PRINT ONE AT A TIME" be altered to a operator beware if you disable completely?
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