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  1. It has been a while that i posted this topic. @gr5.... I have measured the voltage over the resistance with the power on. The room temperature was 18 degrees celsius and i measured a voltage of 3,81 Volt. The resistance could not be measured with the power on but when I disconnected the power, the resistance measured (the resistance was still soldered to the board) was 105 kOhm. To check if the resistance is correct, i have to cut out the resistance but before I do that, i would like to know if your opinion is still that the resistance is not the correct one. To cut out the resistance an
  2. Does anyone know where to look at to tackle this failure? Because of this I can't use my printer and because I don't know where to look what causes this much too high bed temperature (printer has not printed so the temp. should be at room temp.). Is it hardware of because of the (wrong?) firmware? I have tried several settings in the firmware and they get all a different heated bed temperature but none is right . Can I something do with a table to rever to (to calcuate the temp?). I hope you guy's can help me out.
  3. The resistor (4.7 kOhm) is attached as indicated, see also picture here that i took from the wiki of ultimaker (this one is better to view): I have checked if the resistor has the right resistance. If I use the choice "1: 100k thermistor - best choice for EPCOS 100k (4.7k pullup)" the temperature is much higher (I thought 278 but i'm not sure anymore but much more that's for sure). If i put a finger on the glass plate for some time, it looks that the thermistor is register it because it changed a little in temperature (2 degrees).
  4. Hello guys, My first post because I have a problem but that is usually the case with new users . The problem that i have is that Cura gives me the wrong tempeture for the heated bed (nothing done yet so it should be arond 20 degrees room temperature). It gives a tempeture of 147 degrees celcius (i think because everuthing in cura is in Celsius). I have the following hardware: I have the Ultimaker original and because it does not have a heated bed, I made one myself. I have build everything as told in a lot of posts thus a relay, seperate power supply, heatbed MK2 (see also picture) T
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