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  1. Ok, this arrived - installation was pretty straight forward for the most part. 3 'missing' bits (the two wooden cover end parts and the wooden electronics cover) - have 3 extra internal upright wooden spacers instead - think the quality control chap might have been having a bad day "hey there are 5 wood bits! Ship it!" Hey ho never mind. First print after i've finished fitting a pt100 sensor to the hot end. Once again thanks to the various community member who helped out with this!
  2. What sort of material are you using?
  3. iGO didn't have the kit itself but did come back with a custom solution - very quickly - which was a really nice bit of customer service! 3DGBIRE also came back with a solution, also very helpful. However Makershop tell me they do have a kit in stock so i've ordered this.
  4. Hi guys, thanks for the responses. I'm located in the UK. What i've found from the resellers is that even when their websites say that this is in stock that is not in fact the case - they've been planning to order this as and when and are mostly unaware that ultimaker discontinued this last year. I've sent a mail to Igo3d to see if they have a unit left - thanks for the link! Yeah tbh if i could get hold of the Heated bed electronics that came with the kit the rest of it is fairly straight forward! At the moment I have a hacky solution in place but would much rather shift that over to
  5. Hi all, So apparently UM have discontinued this at the moment. So questions: Does anyone have one they would like to sell? Can anyone recommend a 3rd party option? A very helpful gentleman is looking to see if it's possible to put it together out of spare bits so the above two are plans C and D respectively. Thanks all!
  6. The concept behind this is to allow the building of both the globe puzzle, the planet and asteroid models from modular kit elements. This would allow every maker of the final object to arrive at their own unique outcome. In addition to the fairly generic biomes show 'hero' tiles would add a variety of multi-tile (combination of A's and B's) shapes to puzzle over and increase the verity of the world. Tiles may have variations including cities, industry and so on. As a hook, I thought it would be kind of cool if this worked as part of a fairly simple board game, settlers ish, free rules and
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