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  1. OK, so I may have caused a lot of head scratching for nothing. Something happened during a lot of test printing last night. and I found I had made an assumption that led me off on the wrong path. Here's how that path started; After installing the heated bed upgrade, I noticed that the z axis would drop on me while running the bed leveling wizard. If I took too long turning the leveling screws, the z would turn off and then I would have to start over. That stayed in my mind as something I had not seen before....hmmmm After upgrading, next step of course was to find something to print out of t
  2. So I may have found a work around, but it raises another question. It looks like if I issue a M84 S0 command on print startup, the inactivity timeouts are turned off. Going to have to test it for real on an actual print. But this means that the firmware starts up with the timeouts set to 1 minute on all axis. Does this give you guys any EUREKA! moments to know where my problem resides? If the M84 S0 command fixes things by being placed it the startup gcode then we could consider problem solved. But I do like to find the ghost in the machine when I can... I mean, never had to do that before...
  3. OK, so I got some time tonight to try some things. I did try to install Cura 14.07.1 and then try to upgrade the firmware again through this installation. Still have the same problem. I also tried to reinstall the firmware as an original Ultimaker with no heated bed kit, and it still did not clear up the problem. Where I stand now is the firmware is installed as it should be with the heated bed kit option selected. After some more testing I found out that all four of the motors turn off exactly 1 minute after COMPLETING its last command. That is to say, if the y axis motor completes a command
  4. I believe it has everything to do with the z axis shutting off. This is the only reason the print stops.
  5. I will give cura 14.07.1 a try. It will be a day or so before I can get enough time to look at it, I'll post when I know something. Thanks for all the help/ideas so far.
  6. Yes, I added a new machine in Cura as an Ultimaker original with heated bed upgrade selected and then flashed the firmware. I don't think that the problem is that the bed can move so smoothly, or that it should stay in place during a z axis disable. If this was the case, then regardless of weather or not the bed did move when the z motor disabled, the print would continue as if there was no problem, and I might find my machine 'printing in mid air" after the z dropped. It would act like it did not know any different. In my case though, the printing stops as soon as the z disables. The system
  7. Is there a way I can look at the "#define DISABLE_Z false" setting in my firmware? Is there a way to set and save it? Just to see if somehow it was enabled? Last night I opened a print dialog box and sent a M85 S0 command to try disable the inactivity shutdown timer. I then closed the print box and went into the bed leveling wizard. The z axis still shut off after 1 exactly 1 minute. Not knowing if I was using the proper syntax, I repeated this using a M85 Z S0 but the problem still persists. Does a "M" command sent from the print dialog box still reside after the print box is closed? Or ma
  8. I did a quick test to measure the Z axis 'timeout' problem while performing the "Bed Level" routine. The Z axis turns off exactly at the 1 minute mark after no z axis increments. I don't know if this 1 minute timeframe is also the same while performing an actual print, although it seems like it takes longer to for this to happen while doing an actual print. It could be that the timer is reset during printing of the current layer if there are movements that include a Z to the same current height(zero translation). I think it looks like we are definitely dealing with a timer of some sort that d
  9. I just installed the heated bed kit on my original Ultimaker and have an issue I can't solve. To start, my Ultimaker had been printing faithfully for over a year, this issue is new since the upgrade. Also, when I installed the new Z axis parts for the heated bed upgrade, I aligned the new linear bearings very carefullly. When the Z motor is not enabled, there is so little friction that the bed will coast down to the floor of the machine when the z motor is not enabled. So the problem is not related to an over current situation on a poorly setup Z bearings. OK, so I can print and everything se
  10. Before going to this extreme, be sure to check the themocouple connections. I had a loose thermocouple wire on one of the connectors that caused the same wild temperature fluctuations. Could possibly also be a failing thermocouple.
  11. Sorry, I have a UM1 so can't offer any help with UM2. Good luck....
  12. A while back I started having temperature spikes and odd temperature problems. As you said, the temperature didn't seem to match the real temp of the print head. What I found was loose Thermocouple connections where they attatch to the control board underneath the Ultimaker. I would start with a quick check of the thermocouple wiring.
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