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  1. at first some prints starts well and then in the mid within one layer no extrusion anymore and the feeder is grinding in the material. so i disassembled the feeder, cleaned it, tried a small print with no problems, but with a longer print extrusion stops. so i disassembled the hot-end, and saw that the coupler was deformed (with only 250hrs on it, the last one was over 600hrs). the nozzle was clean, so i put a new coupler in and started printing. at hour 11 from a 12hrs print it happened again no extrusion anymore. The feeder is just grinding and little to nothing comes out. When d
  2. So here are the first 3D Models. I want to use a cartoon style. Another idea is making some things that are needed for 3D printers. Like a stepper motor, a filament spool, a feeder, a laptop and in the end an Ultimaker.
  3. My idea is to make some tools and some furniture. Like a hammer, a screwdriver, a screw, a saw, a cutter, a table, a sofa and a pillow. Still WIP some things might be changed. here is a fast sketch Of course these will be full printable 3D-Models in the end. is it possible to submit more than one idea?
  4. it's soon Xmas so i made a little model, 6cm height. i designed her so that threre is no need for support.
  5. @pm_dude thanks 23 pieces, all pieces together had a printtime of 118hrs. size is 21*21cm and 28,5cm height.
  6. hi here my first try printing my selfmade character. some parts need to be printed again, there is some over extrusion and ugly overhangs. not much post processing is done yet. and here a timelapse video
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