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  1. I would stick with 15.04 for now, regardless of your OS. Why? The last version has errors?
  2. I can't download the last version of cura, seems like the file is not in the server . Somebody knows what happen?
  3. I think the problem here is ultimaker doesn't take action with this situacion. I read a lot of time: "They are really busy right now that is why they can't answer", thank you guys I really appreciate that you take the time to give us a idea what is happening. The problem with that is that comes from users!!!! and not from ultimaker!. Ultimaker has the responsability to say to customer: "I am sorry for the delay, we are doing everything as possible to ship/respond/fix, etc. to you " but they don't do it.
  4. Ok, it seems like they have fixed it, I finally bought the PTFE for €15 + 6.25 shipping + taxes, this is a better price. Any way I am a little disappointed of ultimaker, they haven't responded my support ticket after 3 days. I am not asking for an immediate solution, just a little attention like: "We going to check your case but right now we are really busy but we will try to give you a solution asap." With that I can wait even a week because I would know that they have read my request and NOT, the auto response doesn't count.
  5. @titus: Thank you for the info! I will be there, I hope see you there! @EldRikc: In these time, let the customer choose which kind of shipping services wants is something essential.
  6. I am with @blizz, I want to get all spare parts that I can. I want two if it is possible
  7. Guys! you are faster than the auto response of ticket system of ultimaker! Lol Now seriously, thank you so much for your answers. @Didier Klein: I hope that is the problem and not something permanent. @mnis: I am happy to hear your good experience with them. In the last couple days, I have read only bad experiences, I hope in the end I have a good experience like you because for me the support it is even more important that the product and I really like the product. Unfortunately they are 2 hours away with public transport (I don't have auto), this is my last option. @gpb01: Thank you! actually I was looking for this link because I had read that somebody bought one of this and his um2 was running smoothly again. I will try to be a little more patient...
  8. Hi everybody, I have the problem of a PTFE deformed. I can't print any more. On sunday I wanted to buy a new coupler, the price was €15+ 6.25 shiping + taxes a total of ~ €25. But first I wanted take contact with support but I don't receive an answer yet. So I decided to buy a new PTFE. My surprise was that the cost of coupler is cheaper €12.50 but the shiping is more expensive €28.50!!! + taxes making a total of €49.60!!! Almost twice of the price as before. That is crazy! I live in Amsterdam, Netherland, I am in the same country that Ultimaker! I can't believed this prices! Yesterday I also sent a message to sales@, but they don't response yet. I am a little desperate because I lost 2 day trying to figure out what was the problem and now this, I don't want to pay €50 for a piece of €12.50 but this is delaying my project. Someone else has had this experience? They take always so long to response?
  9. I'm going, have I to sign up? or pay a entrance fee?
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