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  1. So not stringing, scratching :-) ...phew there are many phenomenons and corresponding tweeks to learn. I seem to experience many attempts where I adjust settings to avoid something and then introduce something else, or even worse, try to avoid something which appearently is me having the wrong perception of what the problem is, hence I end up wondering why none of my variations in setting makes a difference. I love my UM2, especially when it is aided by so much expertise and guidance... one day, one day, that is me giving answers to folks! Thanks all!
  2. And a picture a little further into the print... http://www.bredel.dk/um2/img_2831.jpg gr5 edit: fixed link
  3. Hi Guys Sorry for not replying, I've been down with the flue. gr5 > 1) Retraction is ticked in Cura, and the layer view shows retraction lines. 2) I've attached a pic. of the 'stringing'-lines. They are equivalent to the retraction lines in Cura's layer view. They continue throughout the entire print, and are visible from the bottom layer to the top. http://www.bredel.dk/um2/IMG_2829.jpg 3) I have tried different retraction setting, currently running 6 mm and 30 mm/s 4) I have tried different filaments, though all from UM and PLA 5) I've set printing speed to 25 mm/s and travel speed to 200 mm/s While printing, I then try to set speed to 50%, but it does not do the trick. Temperature is around 190 Guess i'll have to try the stringing test to se if I can sort it out.
  4. Didier > I'll try to increase travel speed to se if it "breaks" of the filement at retraction. Dim3nsioneer > Hmm yes it is a bit 'dirty' from some of the ABS test I did. I'll try to clean it off. Thanks - the both of you!
  5. Was wondering if bed level is just a tiny tiny twist to high... tried lowering it, but did it to much, so I started getting gaps in my lines. Could bed level have influence on stringing? Thanks!
  6. Hi Dim3nsioneer Around 180 I'm close to underextrusion, especially if I do not lower the speed accordingly, but I'l try to push the limit. I've currently only printed with Ultimaker PLA, assuming it is pure PLA. Thanks!
  7. Hi Could you please give me your best advices for removing stringing? I've followed the troubleshooting guide, hence tried different lower temperatures (all the way down to 180) at different lower speeds. I've tried various combinations of retraction speed and retraction length, multiple filaments, but I just haven't been able to get a print without stringing from each retraction point to the next starting point. Printing PLA on a UM2 Edited: I get a combination of dots somewhere and lines elsewhere. Thanks! Kind regards Taras
  8. Tried netfabb fixer, and that solved it, all layers are correct now! Thanks!
  9. Hi Daid "the normals" is a unfamiliar term for me. But I'll try the setting to se if it helps. Thanks! nallath > Correct (and funny), should have been "Cura printing/filling holes"
  10. Hi Please take a look at this image of my object... http://www.bredel.dk/um2/sokkeltandhjul.jpg When I open my model in Cura, alle view modes show the center hole. http://www.bredel.dk/um2/sokkeltandhjul_normalview.jpg Except the layer view, where the center holes is filled out... http://www.bredel.dk/um2/sokkeltandhjul_layers_bottom.jpg http://www.bredel.dk/um2/sokkeltandhjul_layers_midway.jpg ...unfortunately this is also how it is printed. So can someone please explain what is going wrong with the slizer, or which considerations I should take to have these holes printed? Have experienced it with many of my models that have holes?! Thanks Kind regards Taras
  11. The print didn't detach, I actually had a hard time trying to remove it. It was a pretty small print (25x15x100mm) it just took so long because I set it to high quality. I was monitoring it but thought that since 1/3 was done, it would be safe to let it complete. Anyways, just got my first print in low quality, and though it is low quality, it was a succes Yes all my materials are from Ultimaker, ordered it along the printer. Do you know a good reference to a guide about controlling speed and temperature versus print quality and complexity, or is that just something thats based on learning-by-doing for everyone? And thank you, thank you very much for taking time to aide a newbie like me, it is much appreciated! Kind regards Taras
  12. Hi Didier Thanks! Currently I still feel like a kid on Christmas evening having opened all my presents to early I did not wait for it to slowly feed the fillament, I followed the step by step description all the way when setting it up, inkluding speeding up the feeding after the material was feeded to the bowden. I tried doing the 'amomic cleaning' two times, but still experienced the same.... that was before I posted. After that I tried cleaning it again and changed filament to a blue PLA, and then it started printing - not sure what is wrong with the black roll I got along with the UM2, as it looked normal?! Anyways I loaded my model (6 hours print time in high quality), and left it after 2 hours, and it was still printing - great! But when I got back to it this morning, it had stopped halfway through, and there was just a big chunk of PLA right under the nozzle, the heat was still 220/60, the bed was right under the nozzle and the fans at full speed... so back to being concerned/doubtfull! What could be the reason for this? Now I've done a new atomic cleaning, altered the model to low quality, and started it again.... hopefully with more succes. ...I would really like to get a my first piece printed without anymore hazzle!!! Kind regards Taras
  13. Hi Forgive me, I have read some posts on the forum, but I'm not sure if the treads I read are concerning new printers or... Anyways, my entire new UM2 has been setup without any hazzle. I followed every instruction (also step 15 - the one about waiting until the material exited the nozzle). But when setup was completed and I tried to print one of the tests from the manufactor SD Card, nothing came out of the nozzle. Following the general trouble shooting, I tried to raise temperature to 260, but that only made the nozzle "bleed" during pause... still nothing came out while printing. So please aide me, I'm sure this is a breeze for you experinced folks, but for a greenpea like me, it is not straight forward! Thank you very much! NB. Using the PLA from the box. Kind regards Taras
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