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  1. So ive been hunting around and found different answers for my various woes with printing ABS -formfutura easyfil white- on my ultimaker 2. Im SORRY this is boring for a lot of people but I have been trudging through answers for hours and just want to ask the questions myself. Please bare in mind that im just starting out here... So ive tried abs with the usual stock settings in machine. im putting down a good thick 0.3 initial layer and printing gently at 30mm/s, 5 layers of brim, the print bed is VERY level and heated to... whatever it is on the stock setting, 90degs I think(?) Which the ma
  2. ps- that is doubly true for printing ABS too, im finding at least.
  3. im with james HS what he is saying about bumping the base layer height is to add a thicker "initial layer". I was driving myself INSANE trying to get an absolutely perfect micron-thin (okay, well, 100microns) coating over the perimeter of the buildplate but YOU DONT NEED TO DO IT. Once you switch from 0.1mm to 0.3 you will find everything works SOO much easier. Youll also then realise, after all your hard work, that you are now actually a bit of a ninja with setting up the plate levelling and can pull off a 0.2mm layer. Im sure future UMs will have more tuning options but for now, don't driv
  4. ah great to hear I shall stop being so precious with it. I just get freaked out because its currently my only one and I need it running as much as possible as I have a TINY little startup and ive run out of funds lol
  5. wow that's some really great responses thanks guys! I think the idea of a timer on the power socket is a great solution and not something that I thought of. In truth, I am more paranoid about electronics frying than anything, but it sounds as if you are all finding the kit to be more mechanically reliable then I have given it credit for. Maybe I should consider taking it home with me now and then if you don't think some careful "lugging about" will destroy it (assuming I don't drop it down the stairs). I'm praying an Ultimaker3 (or 2"S" lol) will come out in the near future so I can have a h
  6. First off, hello world of clever people. Its splendid to meet you all! Im just starting off with what is probably a very rookie one but... I love my new(ish) UM2 and im having some cracking successes with it (as well as some hair wrenching fails), but I am TERRIFIED of it "going wrong". I treat it like its made of an incredibly rare and fragile butterfly wing and, accordingly, print at very low speeds, avoid transporting it at any cost and worry about it dying probably more then I strictly should. Here's the possibly laughable question. Is there a function that I can enable which will shut
  7. lol Ive been a miller for the last decade and I would say its a touch harder then 3d printing, BUT, that being said, I am struggling like crazy haha absolutely dreading having to maintain my UM2 (im new) but apparently the nice folks at iMakr in London will give me lessons, they have been brilliant so far!
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