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  1. korneel


    nou, gooi eens in de groep; welke fabrikant en de kosten?
  2. i can report i have the same issue...
  3. happy to help,. i run a farm of 12 S5 printers.. send me a PM and i'll give you my email.
  4. hi 🙂 i have 8 S5s... send me a message 🙂
  5. and that is your full right 🙂 just like I write what I think.
  6. first of all, there is no rule that says you need to own an S5 to make comments about it, but as you don't own one, other then trying to throw fuel fuel on a fire and trying to cause loads of negative feedback, what's the point of posting all kinds of nastiness on twitter and here that is also incorrect? SandervG is a decent person and replies in a nice why, I for one am not nice. some corrections to your post and your twitter-complaints your post on twitter: and corrections: -yes a buildplate was promised. they tried really hard, it didn't
  7. dude. let it go. you are treating this like Ultimaker's intention from the get go was to take your money, then take off like a nice cartoon-villain. grow up. you bought a printer. the printer was supposed to have an alu buildplate. Ultimaker tried really hard to get that to work. They could not get it to work. They tried. They really did. so the outcome is not one they liked. nor is it one their customers like. I have 8 Ultimaker S5s. I chip glass plates when printing with engineering materials, and was really hoping for that build plate. do you see me attacking t
  8. i know you have already received plenty of answers.. but i do want to comment on some things you said ? first of all; I've been lucky to switch to the Ultimaker S5 at launch, and have been running 8 Ultimaker s5s since the start, so I suppose that's about 3 or 4 months by now.. I run them 24/7 and I run them hard. my success rate has been close to 100 percent.. failures I've had have always been relatable to the weak part of the equation, namely me.. I print mostly PLA, the rest is NGEN, Nylon, PLA+PVA, some exotic materials based on client requests, and the only failures I'v
  9. well. My german might not be best, but I think your translation is a bit more harsh then what they said.. how I read it is that if you enable developer mode, you're free to do that. you should however realize that developer mode is the wild west, they will not provide you with in depth documentation and if you change stuff that damages the printer (let's say you crank up the amperage so now your drivers break or you change the parameters of the printer so the stepper motor rams the print head into the sides until it breaks) they can refuse warranty on that. I see no harm in that statemen
  10. well, based on your reply i am making assumptions. the universities in NL that I worked with over the past 10 years, all required static IP addresses and the MAC address to be registered against the ACL. amongst those are the 5 large ones in NL. we tried deploying IP Phones that could not do static IP addresses and that meant a whole design change request to go through the board. if we could have just had static ip's in those phones that would not have been needed.. i was referring to your earlier statement about how no-one would ever need static ip addreses and how DHCP servers would f
  11. and that's where you're wrong kiddo. the people that get to decide what is crucial and not are the people that give you money. those are your target audience. if enough come back stating they need this, it just became crucial irregardless of your opinion. and if we're throwing in the engineering credentials; CCNA all the way to qualifying for the CCIE exam, you're looking at a properly educated networking engineer. please listen to the people who give you money. they don't care about your opinion what is needed or not. they care about buying a product that meets
  12. nonsense. really, this is not your field of expertise. this reply actually annoyed me. let me break it down as simple as i can because your reply really does not show any understanding for the average company. so any decent company is splitting up their networks into networking segments. you've got your DMZ, you've got your wireless, your guest access, usually layered server access and things like that. using firewalls, communication between those segments is controlled and it will help you protect yourself against things like broadcast storms, unauthorized client access etc. thi
  13. could you check which firmware you are running? on my machines with 5.0.19 at least if i go to networking, it shows me the wired MAC. but if you enable networking and it auto disables, that is weird.. also @asb where are you located?
  14. if you have an UM2+ please try the following; use the default CPE profile change the temperature to 245 change the bed temp to 90 your prints should come out beautiful if they are not strong enough, raise the printing temp to 250 or even 255.
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