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  1. My x motor ended up failing not too long ago. It had the same symptom you described where it suddenly skipped a few steps and finished the print with everything on the top shifted to the left. A few prints later the motor seized up completely. They sent me a new one under warrantee. I was able to break the bad motor loose with some oil and turning it by hand. Getting the motor off is easy enough. I would just replace it.
  2. Ok I'm home now and it's hitting the side of the printer. I'm printing something that just barely fits, with a brim. Cura thinks it's ok but on the right side I noticed the brim line was overlapping the previous one so it wasn't moving far enough to the right.. then after a few brim lines it moved outward a bit more and smacked into the side of the printer.. so i guess I'm not having the same issue. I guess Cura has some bugs
  3. My ultimaker 2 just started doing this too on the same axis as yours. I hear a clunk then suddenly the x axis is off by a few mm. i had to leave so I couldn't diagnose it but I found this thread and was surpised that it is from today. It is pretty hot in there right now (93 degrees) which might be part of it.
  4. My print was well stuck actually the head just smashed it then skipped an inch worth of steps in 2 directions until it pushed itself around the print. When I tried to resume I realized that it was way off and needed to be re-homed so I ended up having to cancel it anyway.
  5. It crashed itself into my print and could have damaged the hot end. How can you not call that a defect?
  6. I was printing 4 identical parts just now, the first of which was on the front left side of the print bed. The 2nd part started printing (rear right side) and I decided to pause it and pop the first one off so I could check it out. Well apparently the printer forgot that it had just printed something right there and it rammed the hotend right into the part that had just finished printing. Clearly there's some logic missing in the firmware to tell it how high the head needs to be to avoid hitting anything, or it just needs to lower the bed all the way when you pause.
  7. I know the wait sucks but it's totally worth it guys. Hang in there. I've been printing just about non-stop for the past week since mine arrived.
  8. Nope this appears to be a bug in Cura 15. Change back to the old version and it is fine. Mine was doing the same thing when i first got my printer friday and I thought it was defective. I releveled my bed about 8 times before I figured out it wasn't me. If I use a raft it tries to print in the air (starts the main model at like layer 6 or 7). It seemed to only make the base of the raft in the area that needs support rather than under the entire model. If I use supports at all it won't 't try to print any of my model on layer 1. The nice thing is one I realized what was happening I can now check for it in the layer view prior to wasting filament and making a mess.
  9. I ordered mine direct on Dec 12th. They ship from the US if you're here. It is coming from FBRC8 in TN.
  10. Looks like mine is on the way. I just got the email from UPS My Choice (which I highly recommend signing up for if you don't have it) which emails me any time a tracking number is generated for my address. So it is sent UPS with signature required.
  11. I am not really trying to cause trouble but I get tracking numbers for $5 items on ebay. It really is completely inexcusable not to give people tracking numbers or shipping notifications when they're buying things that cost thousands of dollars. You guys make a nice product, and your business processes need to catch up to that. At this point I don't know if my order has shipped at all or if I'm going to get home one day soon to find a $2500 box just sitting on my porch. First world problems.
  12. Seems unlikely to me. I say just assume it'll be 9 weeks, then if it's less you can be happier. :mrgreen:
  13. Has R882388816-1 shipped too then? I figured I'd automatically get a tracking number but it sounds like that might not be the case. Thanks.
  14. That would be fantastic. Keep us posted. I might need to take a day off work to play with it
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