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  1. Gotcha! Any way to estimate how much of the filesize is attributable to parts of the model? Or is it anyone's guess?
  2. Ultimaker Original+ using Cura and Marlin While I'm printing from SD the screen displays the progress of the print as a percentage (%) How does Marlin calculate this percentage? Is it: Percentage of the time printed vs estimated time to complete Percentage of height printed vs final print height Percentage of filament extruded vs final extrusion total? Or something else entirely? Thanks for the help, Gino.
  3. Does this work? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69373350/Ultimaker_Original__Assembly_Instructions.pdf
  4. So when I opened my UMO+ kit the Z-lead nut was already on the Z-lead screw rod (z-axis). It was really stuck on there (almost like it was seized in place) but I managed to get it off so I could attach it to the heated bed plate. However, even after greasing the Z axis screw the nut just won't move up and down it smoothly, making the aligning of the linear bearings on the heated bed impossible (and, I imagine making it very difficult for the machine to move the bed up and down). Is there anything I can do other than ask Ultimaker for a new Z-lead nut? I've raised a ticket but I have no idea
  5. Damn, doesn't work for me neither, sorry.
  6. Are you not able to use the section in the regular UMO+ manual? This link works for me: https://www.ultimaker.com/spree/uploads/196/original/Ultimaker_Original__Assembly_Instructions.pdf
  7. For anyone still interested, I've taken the printer apart and tested the X/Y rods, sure enough one is bent and the other one seems to be slightly too wide in diameter. I've emailed Ultimaker support to let them know, I think it's fair to ask for replacement rods as the ones they sent me aren't suitable, right?
  8. Thanks, but could you clarify about the washers please? How would I tell when I need to use them?
  9. So should this have been a 30mm bolt or a 25mm bolt? I can't tell!
  10. Is this bit of plastic (circled in red) supposed to be there? Or is it left over from the injection moulding process? Basically, do I cut it off? Never mind, figured out I didn't need it and cut it off. Cheers all!
  11. Thanks, I'll get some of the right stuff. Yes that's what I thought, should I contact Ultimaker to ask for a straight rod? Is there a good way to test for straightness other than rolling it along a flat surface?
  12. Hi @fluxline, thanks for your help. Perhaps I should have been a bit clearer! The BB fell out when I picked up the linear bearing, before I put the rod in so I'm sure I didn't damage it myself. I imagine it was just left over from the factory perhaps. The issue I have is that one of the rods moved perfectly fine through both linear bearings (lovely and smooth) but the other rod was not moving smoothly, so I suspect the problem is the rod and not the bearing (though one of the bearings was worse than the other!) I'm going to try applying a drop of oil to the rods to see if there's any improv
  13. In the wiki the cables are posted through the hole in the aluminium plate behind the peek ( ) but I've assembled mine with the cables going through the aluminium place to the left of the peek (where his thumb and finger are in the previous picture). Does it have to be the exact same hole or is this fine? Also, does it matter if the nozzle/aluminium block are slightly rotated? The way mine is put together they're rotated at an angle to the block (front view: http://i.imgur.com/12bSbBh.jpg) Thanks for all help, been working off the manual and only just discovered the wiki! Wish I'd seen
  14. Wow, I know this post is over a year old but I'm having the exact same problems. So I'm going to reassemble the x/y rods and pulleys and make sure everything is aligned properly. Hopefully that'll inprove things enough that I won't have to buy new pulleys. My linear bearings on the extrusion head also seemed jerky, though it only happened on one of the axes rods, should I replace the rod?
  15. When I added the linear bearings I noticed a few things. Firstly a tiny BB fell out of one of the bearings, and secondly, one of the axes didn't move smoothly through either bearing, but the other axes mostly moved smoothly through them. Is this probably the main cause? What can I do about it?
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