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  1. As near tell, thats my issue. when I fed the filament the first time for setup, I never saw a "ast" feed and then a slow feed.. instead I saw a slow crawl for 2 minutes up to the nozzle.

    I leveled the bed, an attempted to print the robot, and got nothing more than spider webs.

    Reading, it sounded initially like the bed wasn't leveled, and the print wasn't sticking, so I re leveled 5 times with no luck. Someone suggested feed issues, and using the change material function, the printer can't pull the filament out to change out.

    The filament has regular marks ticked into it from feeding.. is this normal? Also, how to I get the filament out without damaging the feeder? I'm thinking the new feeder should be transparent, so you can easily see internal feed issues.

    I waited 3 weeks for the extended + printer, then waited another 3 days because it couldn't be delivered because of the snow storm, drove to meet ups because they were cancelling consumer deliveries because of the backlog, and when I finally get the printer, in 5 and a half hours I have nothing but 2" of spiderweb to show for it.

    Needless to say, by first adventure into 3d printing has been less than stellar, and I can't find any reference online from removing the filament from the new feeder system.


    (And I thought I posted this a few hours ago, but it looks like I forgot to hit post topic because I was bouncing between my surface, my phone, and the printer.)

  2. They said the 3.0 mm was actually 2.85 +-, and I specifically asked them if I should order the colorfabb from them or the pro, and they said both would work fine.

    everyone seems out of the colorfabb transparent, but the pro natural looks like it was mostly transparent, so I figured that would work. (I wan to print some things that I can light with led light strings, so I figured 5 bs of the natural would give us the best options for now.

  3. Thanks for sharing these! I'm so jealous..we ordered our 2+ extended on the 7th, but they won't have them yet in the us till the 26th. (Hope we get those new fans, since we have a long delay.)

    Can you post a side view of the dragon?

    I'm completely new at this, so we'll probably duplicate your settings hoping to get good resolute like this.

  4. Understood, but zbrush has excellent decimation tools for reducing polycount. The problem is I don't know what max ultimaker can take so I know what the top bar to stay under actually is, and I haven't been able to find that in the documentation anywhere.

    There has to be a file size or polycount that exceeds what ultimaker can handle, and that's what I'm trying to discover.

  5. It's still food for thought. If someone has used it and it's good, it's worth asjing. If it's junk though, I'd rather avoid the headaches.

    I also have no concept of how much you can print from one spool, and I've yet to figure out how you add the supports for overhangs n such. I though the Cuda had some function to add them, but a half hour poking around it didn't reveal anything visual indicating such.

    I've been trying to find tutorials on prepping objects for print, but most are 2-3 years old, and probably out of date compared with current software.

    The comments on amazon made this sound like good quality, but they were not by ultimaker owners.

  6. I want to try some clear prints once I get my printer, and saw argos filament at amazon for a good price compared to other brands.

    Has anyone tried this:


    Also has anyone seen transparent green filament anywhere at a good price?


    Hi @Gareee,

    In this story you'll see Faraday motion who had great success printing flexible materials. The set up remains the same, so flexible materials remain to be a challenge but it is possible. If you have no experience with 3D printing or Ultimaker yet I would recommend to start with PLA and once you are more familiar with the Ultimaker and the concept of 3D Printing move towards flexible materials.

    Ninja flex or our own PLA flex is possible on an Ultimaker, but is not as straight forward as regular PLA.

    The Ultimaker 2+ is already available right now, you may want to check with a few resellers to see who has it on stock.  Where are you based?


    Id love to know if there's one in the US that has it in stock... So far they are all selling the 2... at the price of the 2+


    You can find the 2+ in Stock at 3d universe (where I ordered tge 2+ extended) but for some reason the factory that assembles them didn't start doing the 2 extended + assembly until after getting a batch of 2+ out.

    The earliest I found was 3d universe expecting to shop out 2+ extended printers on Jan 26th, but if you miss getting one of those first delivery ones, they told me odds are it would just be a few more days before more arrive.

    I was also told this is an unusual situation for ultimaker, and I think it was just a timing thing between the holidays, and then the ces show and announcer a week later.

    I'm pretty sure that 3d universe con firmed they had the 2+ in stock, but that went in one ear and out the other, since we want the extended. I figure $500 more is worth it for the piece of mind knowing I won't want a bigger printer for quite some time.

  8. Yep, I'll be making costume props, parts for them (detail things like skull detail for our Orcs) and might even try doing a orc lower tusk dental prosthetic.

    I've got products at daz3d.com, and it would be nice to do some prints of those.

    I just saw a sweet model of the Fallout 4 helmet, and since we are doing Atom Cats costumes this year, I think I need to print out that laser gun.

    Since we have a few weeks before we get our printer, I can setup where we'll have it, download cura (and other recommended utilities) and see if I can set up some things for printing once it arrives.

    I have lightwave 3d and zbrush as my main go to 3d applications now, and both output obj files (and zbrush even has a 3d printing plug in so I should be able to sculpt and output print ready items.

    I do a lot of fantasy and sci fi type stuff, and we've been doing costuming a lot in the last few years for things like Dragoncon.

    Here's one of my 3d critters...


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