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  1. I see in the latest Cura that you can select materials from a list. I don;t see Pteg listed though.. has someone created a pteg profile that can be added?
  2. I have an ultimaker 2 + extended. I'd just completed a 8 hour long print, and started a second one an hour later. I noticed a lot of material around the nozzle connection point. I figured that it might not have been tight, so I removed the material with the change option, heated up the nozzle, and then removed it. There was melted material around the threads, and I scraped a lot out around where the nozzle screws to the head. the filament was natural, and it was blacked from burning. I removed as much as possible, and did an atomic on it to see if maybe the tip was clogged... it seemed fine after a few pulls, so I reassembled and have started printing again. The nozzle did not seem loose when I removed it. \ I can't really find a reference to this issue, what causes it, and what the cure is. Any links, or advice anyone can offer on this issue? I guess I'll know in the am if the problem still exists I guess.
  3. I'm not sure if this has been covered, but I scaled an object up, and the proportions are correct, but for some wacky reason, the scale settings are not all identical on the scale side of the scale popup. Is this how its supposed to report scaling?
  4. I found the issue after all this time a week or so ago. When purchasing filament, everyone said either 2.85 or 3.0 would work fine. What no one bothered to mention, is you need to make a manual change in the custom material settings panel on the printer itself to 2.85 mm if the diameter isn't 3.0 mm! Its a minor thing everyone probably takes for granted, but in several fb groups and forums like this, no one mentioned changing the diameter to 2.85 on the panel at all. When people said both sizes were acceptable, I thought nothing at all about making any changes to the diameter size on the printer.
  5. Ignoring the quibbling going on, I'm in favor of a slice button and being able to turn auto slice off. If I'm on my surface 4 pro, I'm running on battery, and try to reduce its drain as much as possible. Lets say I'm loading an object and multiplying it 17 times (Yup, I've done this.) I'll have to position each object where I want it, and probably need to fiddle with all of them several imes until I'm happy with the print layout. Cura will be trying to reslice everything every single time I move or rotate anything, and it really wouldn't need to be doing that. Granted, its been a rare occurrence that I didn't have my surface plugged in, but that has happened and I was actually using Cura at the time to rearrange something I'd downloaded for a friend to dump on his thumb drive. I've also seen a rare occurrence where it looked like auto slicing was stuck.... having a slice button would let me know for sure that I'd started it, and it should be working properly.
  6. I've been printing 3 of these together for the last week, as I've been improving upon the model. The two main halves are only 4" at the widest, and the disc in the back is only 2 1/4" diameter, so there should be plenty of space. That said, interestingly enough I had left all my curas open for the last few hours since this post, and I we looking at them again to see if there was a setting that was off or something that might correct the issue, and lo and behold, the 15.04.5 version open was now sliced properly for individual printing. Does it keep working in the background once it looks like the slicing is done, and the path is available to view? I'd swear I haven't touched it for hours since discovering the bug, and trying it in the new beta instead. (Both 15.04.4 and the latest new beta separated the printing properly without issue.)
  7. I just ran into this today. I loaded three separate objects, scaled and arranged them, and after slicing and starting a print, noticed they were rinting all at once rather than one at a time. I still had cura open on surface, so I looked at it, and yup! Its set to all at once, but the slicing is doing all at a time, with relatively flat items. Has anyone else seen this odd behaviour? (I'll try closing and reopening cura to see if it was just some strange one shot issue.) EDIT: I just closed it and reopened it, and yep, the bug can be replicated.
  8. Just another person chiming in that they have and use a space navigator when I can. On the surface 4 pro though, I have a touchscreen, and I'd much rather see support for that instead. I'm finding I use it more than my desktop of late.
  9. I don;t know that I need 100 of them.. LOL! Guess I'll have to 3d print him some legs. Which springs to mind.. maybe someone has a 3d printable windup walking legs model??
  10. Nope, Hadn't seen it yet. I'll go look though! EDIT: I've got a Um2+ Extended...the prize wouldn't do me any good unless something on mine breaks that isn't covered by the warranty. (Knock wood!)
  11. I'd be interested in creative contests, because as a fairly new user I'm still mucking about learning. I like the idea or prizes everyone can use.. Filament, nozzle sets, t shirts, or a 3d printed award for "bragging rights". I haven't really seen more than 1 UM2+ add on contest entries.. were there several? It might be good to offer alternate prize options as well.. a UM2+ owner probably won't have a use for a upgrade kit, but could use filament. It might be interesting to start with a base model, and see what changes people can make of it as a contest.. kind of like what I did with the gCreate rocket I did.
  12. I did print this out, but I couldn't find the windup bodies for it.
  13. Version 1.0


    I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan, and wen the board game came out, it included about 100 amazing figures.. but there were a few things lacking, so I decided to make them myself! First I did the slime splats you see pictured, modelled in zbrush. The big project though, was a dice tower based on the Ghostbusters firehouse. The game's figures are based off the comic book artwork, so I decided to do a toon version of the firehouse, based on the old saturday morning cartoon. Learning how a dice tower works, and printing a rough draft version really helped in the design of this. This like the ramps and angles needed to be adjusted so they came out all the time, and as this was one of my first custom designed printed projects, I had a learning curve learning out how to model for printing, and also how to cut something like this up into parts that were then assembled together. (The tower and inner dice column were printed together, and the roof, ramps, signs, and dice barrier were al printed separately.) Also pictured is a replica I did of the hood ornament on the new car in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot movie.
  14. Thanks! I think I need one of these!
  15. I didn't change any settings at all other than layer height when I first used the .25 nozzle. I think when you set nozzle size in cura it automagically sets first layer height n such to adjust for it. It sounds to me like maybe you didn't tighten the nozzle when you put it on. (I made that mistake once.) Also, maybe increase temperature +5 degrees? it could be it was a tad too low before, but sufficient to still push out the larger diameter nozzle opening, but the smaller one wasn't.
  16. Check out the new cura update.. it has the new firmware update for the UM2+ printers in it.. it was posted yesterday.
  17. This file should be included with the printer. I was shocked a $3000 printer had a tiny cheap cardboard box for its tools.
  18. They detailed some of the changes in the update announcement. Others have come to light since then though.
  19. I'm having problems getting to them.. BUT according to my local support, if you use home head in advanced on the printer, and you cannot move the head, then those are tight. I'm thinking I need to use more torque tightening the front to back pulley set screws. I'm also digging up my screw lock, and will add some of that as well, since this seems to be an ongoing issue for me, and that can't hurt at all.
  20. Thats why I'm concerned.. I've had to tighten mine probably 10 times in the last 3 weeks. And speed wise, it was 130% of cura's 50mm speed setting. It doesn't make sense to me that you could even adjust print speed manually, if it caused this effect all the time.
  21. I'll pick up a torx in that size, since it seems it seems they really need a bit more. Does anyone use screw lock liquid to make sure they don't loosen? If this is that big an issue, I'd think they would be assembled with it in place.
  22. Ok, so that light thumping on travels is common then. I'm not so concerned now.
  23. I've got several small fans I can try to use... I'll dig one up! Thanks!
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