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  1. Hi Didier! Yep retraction is enabled and the values on the UM2 lcd screen are: Retract length: 5.50mm Retract speed: 35mm/sec Yes i know that is experimental but i'v tried with the "old" 15.06 and with the stable 15.04 and the stringing is still there!
  2. Hi, i'm using latest Cura 1.99 build 17112015 and i'm facing this little "problem".. it's not causing bad prints but i think that is anyway something strange, nothing similar hasn't happened until now, here's an image to explaint what i'm seeing: what can it be??
  3. Nope, i've switched back to Cura but @inventabuild 's reply can be useful.. worth a try ;-)
  4. Hi all! I'm trying to use Kisslicer with my UM2 using the prefix and postfix from @das_enginer but when the print starts the nozzle is to close to the heated bed, in fact it touches the bed, why?? UM2 firmware is 15.02.1.
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