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  1. Thanks JF!! I actually just changed the stepper/nut and VOILA, problem gone!!!! Very happy with the printer now....
  2. PROBLEM SOLVED! YEAH!!! All, I wanted to let you know that it was the Helical Screw/Nut/Stepper. I was able to obtain a replacement Z-Axis Stepper (Comes with Helical screw attached) and a new nut. After replacing it the old one, I now get really good results with the printer!! NO MORE GAPS!!! Can't tell you how awesome it was to solve this problem, as I tried just about everything. Since again, it was happening at about the same spot, the z-axis was the suspect from the get go.... Thank you all for your great suggestions and support!
  3. Thank you for those suggestions....I have a new stepper and helical screw/nut coming, so we will see if this fixes the issue. If not, I will try to adjust the slide bearings.... Been reading around and it seems other folks are also having this issue...maybe some bad parts or misalignment on some models being shipped out...very disappointing to say the least, on such a pricey machine....we shall see. I will report back once I replaced the stepper and screw....
  4. I have the EXACT same problem! Have been reading everything on it, and have tried all sort of things, but so far, still the gaps at about the same layer height. I have a set of Stepper motor/helical screw and nut coming as replacements to see if this fixes the issue, or it is back to the drawing board.....very frustrating to say the least....hopefully I can report back with some good news after replacing these parts, or else this thing will go back.....
  5. I have got THE SAME exact issue, with a brand new Ultimaker2 bought two weeks ago. At around the 10-15mm off the bed, I always get a band around the print, and the model delaminates there if slightly bend...I have tried everything, the problem is always there. I am waiting on a new z-stepper and helical screw/nut to see if this will fix it. If not, this thing will get thrown out the window.....very frustrating for such an expensive machine....
  6. Yes, it appears in other objects, and I did try a cube, and also a cylinder, with the same results... Nothing that I can see missing in X-ray mode....any other ideas? Really do appreciate all the help!
  7. Hi All I recently received my ultimaker2 from dynamism , and I have it for about 4 days now...so brand new. No matter what I have tried, and no matter the part, I always get a visible gap/band around my prints always at about 11mm off the build plate. This causes the print to be weak at that spot, and depending on the part, it comes apart at that point, ie de laminates. I have attached a picture to show this on a part I was printing. The settings of the printer are all at default for printing PLA. Before that point, and AFTER that point, the part seems perfect, but always at about 11mm o
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