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  1. Ah, fantastic, I bought the 24v version but I assumed that was referring to the heater cartridge and picked up somewhere that the fan was 12v, I didn't even think to question it. I do indeed have a 24v fan. Thank-you very much for the replies, 2 days of being concerned about how to do this and it was all because of a false assumption, hooking it up to the pins pointed out by ultiarjan had it working perfectly in seconds, I feel silly now
  2. Hey guys, I recently bought an E3D v6 hotend(3mm bowden) to print higher temp plastics and everything has gone perfectly except for the last part where I need to hook up the small heat sink fan to the motherboard. I haven't been able to find any instructions on how to do this as the fan is 12v and the supply is 19v(white motherboard, the UM2 version if I'm not mistaken). Is anyone able to provide me with an idiot-proof set of instructions to hook the fan up so I don't damage the fan or MoBo? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the info, It's in the middle of a print at the moment but I lowered the temp down to 55 before it started to see how it went. I'll give it a clean after the print finishes, thanks.
  4. Hey guys, I printed out a case for my phone to see how well the printer was handling large solid layers, I've tried searching for the problem myself for a little while but the answers I've found seem to be contradicting themselves. I're read that the fix for the lines is getting the print head closer to the bed, but the answer for the bubbles is to raise it. Here's a picture of the print in question: The bottom left corner is super smooth line-wise but it does have a little bit of bubbling. PLA at 50mm/s, 205C hotend, 70C bed. I've seen a couple of places say that 70C can be too high fo
  5. Yep, if this is a "fresh assembled" printer - upload the correct firmware with Cura and don't forget a subsequent "Control" -> "Restore failsafe" and "Control" -> "Store memory" (on the UltiController). This will set the correct values for steps/mm (amongst other things). Seems like the Restore failsafe and store memory fixed it, now I just need to work out the new problem of why the extruder is grinding against the filament and not feeding through the bowden tube. Thank you very much guys!
  6. Hey guys, I'm having a problem with my first ever print where at the very beginning it auto homes perfectly fine then it will lower the bed significantly, raise it a little bit again and begin attempting to print in mid-air (I have the filament retracted WAY back to stop it going everywhere while testing). I have the same result whether I print directly from Cura(v 15.04), or if I print from an SD card in my controller. Here is a video of the problem: Dropbox And here is the start of the G code. M190 S70.000000M109 S210.000000;Sliced at: Sat 28-11-2015 13:42:53;Basic settings: Layer he
  7. That's what I mean, through the Ulticontrollers auto-home it raises correctly, but through Cura it doesn't. I'll be home in 3 hours to do more testing with Pronterface, it seems like it's just an issue with Cura.
  8. While using the bed levelling wizard in Cura, if I press either of the up or down buttons it always goes down and by an amount much larger than what I told it to, yet this morning when I was fiddling with the Ulticontroller for a few minutes before I left for work I discovered that its auto home option raises the bed just fine(actually a bit too high, need to lower my Z switch, whoops), which leads to the assumption that it's something wrong with my Cura install, not with the printer. I'll give Pronterface a try when I get home tonight, cheers.
  9. Hey guys, Last night I finished assembling my Original+ and plugged it in to start calibrating it, but when I fired up Cura and went to calibrate the Z axis sensor the bed just dropped several centimetres every time I pressed a move button, regardless of if it was an up or down button. I don't think the motor is struggling because when I pressed the up button while applying upwards pressure to the underside of the print bed with my other hand it forcibly pushed my hand downwards. I'm at work at the moment so I can't provide a video or pictures but I thought I'd ask before I leave for the tri
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