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  1. If your in the US FBRC8 has the bed parts. I had the same exact thing happen to me and they sent me a new bed and connectors. They told me UM had problems with this so they changed the connection type to push pins.

    This is what my connector looked like when I hit it with the FLIR. I was noticing a smell for a few weeks that smelt like wet dog and couldnt find the source until I started seeing smoke. IMG_0963.JPG.thumb.jpeg.f10af9f25caa88937d608c0da6fd0d2b.jpeg


  2. Well the problem is back with a vengeance,you can actually see a gap across the whole print now instead of just an area. Im in contact with Fbr8c as they are helping me out. The Z stepper motor is warm not hot and I have a fan blowing on the control board keeping it cool,So im pretty sure its not overheating which leads me to think that its the bearings like you mentioned.

  3. You were right,had nothing to do with bed level,it started warping again so I started to investigate. We started to turn the ac back on as its getting hot here (Florida) and the vent was blowing almost directly into the printer.

    I placed a box over the printer and increased my layer temp by 5 degrees and success ;)

    Thanks again for the help!

  4. I suspect it is a Z axis bearing problem. At that exact height, the bed is dropping down a bit more than it should, giving a weaker layer. In ABS, that layer will fail due to warping.

    I had similar problems some time ago, that prompted me to switch to PLA. Cured it by removing all lubrication from the Z axis pillars and getting new roller bearings under warranty.


    Thanks for the insight, I moved the bed a tad bit tighter to the nozzle when leveling and it looks like that solved the problem as I was able to successfully finish the print. I am however going to keep an eye out and keep this in mind if it happens again. Thank you so much for your help.

    PS: there was a ton of the Greese on the lead screw,so I wiped down all the excess maybe that could have helped?

  5. So I just got a new UM2+ to accompany my UM2. Im printing a project out and at the same place every time the print begins to split,it almost looks like the print shifted a bit. What could be causing this? I have the same profile loaded on my UM2 and its not happening.

    Im using ABS with the bed at 110 with ABS Glue and printing at 245. All the other layers are bonded perfectly. I have tried printing at 1.5 all the way to .3 layer height. I am racking my head and cant figure it out.


    Thanks for any help!


  6. That was a point on the list of improvements on the UM2 over the original - no electronics board fan.  However the UMO+ has caught up with UM2 and now that has no fan either.


    Thanks for the reply! This thing is just amazing. I cant believe the print quality out of this machine.

  7. Hi guys! So I have finally gotten on board with the ultimaker 2 coming from 2 ROBO 3D R1 units. My question is how is this thing so quiet? When I turn my robos on I can hear them across the house with the ramps and PSU fan. I know the ultimaker has an external PSU but I don't even hear a fan running to cool the arduino board. Does it have one,or is it just that quiet? Just want to make sure nothing is broken. The only thing I hear is the extruded fan kick on at temp which is still very low.

    I must say I was on edge spending so much money on this printer but just playing with it for the few hours I've had it this thing is worth it in every way!

    Thanks for the help

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