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  1. Now it works three Prints good, and then .... stuck Here the pics I'll check your Video
  2. All parts are new, bought from a licensed Reseller so i think it is not a cheap China product but maybe . i'will made Pictures after work so you can see exactly what my Problem is.
  3. Hey guys, I have one big problem, very often the filament stuck in the hot end Isolator coupler. It looks like the filament where compressed and create a seal and print is gone, i had to disassemble the Head and remove the seal. I replaced every part of the head including the coupler but it still happens and i don't know why. Can anybody give me a advice how i can fix it ? Thx
  4. Hi, Ich hab ein wenig hier im Forum gesucht nur leider nichts passendes gefunden. Und zwar ist es ja relativ simpel Cura zu sagen druck bitte stützmaterial aber man hat keinen Einfluss darauf, bzw. erzeugt Cura kein Stützmaterial wenn es im Modell eines Brauchen würde. Nun ist natürlich eine Option zu sagen design es so das es nicht benötigt wird allerdings geht dies nicht immer. Daher die Frage kann man die Positionierung von Stützmaterial bearbeiten? mfg
  5. That work's but are there no other options to configure the Firmware?
  6. Hi, I'am a Little newbie and so there are many stupid questions in my head One of them is that One: I have an ultimaker with a custom heated bed so i Need to configure the Firmware for that. I found the online marlin builder and after many fails i found the right config options that everything work fine but the firmware the builder uses an old firmware and the standard firmware is Up to Date but can't edited so is der an Option or a workaround how i can configure the actual firmware? thx Alex
  7. Hi, if someone has an UM+ for sale, so please feel free to offer me yours. Thanks for your Attention Alex
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