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  1. Awesome , thanks for that info!!!! I already crushed it, because yeah, it also happens to fit over the threads of the hotend. Those folks at UM should have made note of that. Thats really a good idea now because of The Olsen block I installed. It has two little slots to push the heater element And temperature sensor out case they get stuck which Would be really bad if they got clogged
  2. In what way does lowering the nozzle reduce pressure on the spring? The spring starts at the top plate of the print head and pushes the teflon isolator, which pushes on the stainless steel collar, which spins on the aluminum plate of the print head. The nozzle is BELOW that. Thats how its removeable to clean.
  3. Hiya. I just got the hot end pack in, and theres an extra part that I dont recognize. Yes there are several references to the little washer, but no instructions on where it goes. It only fits over the threads of the nozzle, but in so doing, only leaves 3 or 4 threads for the collar to screw onto. That concept doesnt agree with me, especially when you consider it pushes up against the spring by that extra 2 or 3 mm. How about a little help there? Thanks
  4. You almost had me going for a minute with the "head homing-smashing stepper motor" bit. Too bad MY limit switches are set correctly to avoid that. You may want to check yours.
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