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  1. Does anyone know the correct steps per mm to set the UMO+ to if you're using the UM2 style setup extruder motor? Basically, I bought a stock knurled wheel and mounted the UMO's feeder motor in the same spot the UM2 motor is in, along with a UM2 style feeder, but I'm still using the UMO motor ( not sure if it has a different step count or if Marlin is sending signals for a different step count) I set the step per mm to 282 ( same as UM2) but it looks to be heavily over extruding. I'm going to try 141 steps per mm in case its a stepper motor steps per degree thing, but then I would assume th
  2. Just read your tutorial. VERY nicely done. Wish there were more like it!!
  3. Did you have to change the blocks to install the UM2 Printhead? If so , is that's all that's needed to install the UM2 printhead?
  4. Well, We got our UMO+ assembled I'm so spoiled on the UM2 that I know right off the bat what needs to be modified. -Pulleys -Feeder -Print Head assembly -Firmware Pretty much what everyone says could use a little tweaking on these. Just got done with an order for 150 x 6 hours prints, and these did well ( .8 nozzle Black ABS). Will definitely have to spend some time researching the best tweaks for these... for now, they will handle the "blocky" big, simple geometric prints. One thing I did notice is that circles don't seem perfectly circular... I'll have to check pulleys I suppose?
  5. There are ikea glass doors in the front and wooden doors behind. There's just enough room to get you forearm by the printer. In the back there are 4 UM on the lower shelves. It's a floating wall that separates the office from the shop, so it does 2 jobs, plus, now we can enclose the printers, since we usually only print in High temp materials. Will post pics of the wall soon, it's built but not painted, as we're having to remodel the entire unit.
  6. I run tinker Marlin on all my um2's, with GR5's insulators... I can print Poly carbonate at 280 all day with those insulators. I've read everywhere that they share the same electronics, yet when I install Cura ( 15.04) it gives me totally different options, such as bed calibration, print temps in the menu, etc... So I'm wondering, why if they run the same electronics is there a different UI. Keep in mind, the printers won't be here for 1 more day, so I'm trying to line up parts to print ahead of time. I don't mind printing add-ons all day long. For example, I could just order a Meduza feeder
  7. Happy Corner went and got way too cramped. Opening a new store now. Here's a rendering of what my new happy corner will look like. Wish me luck!
  8. Hi guys, Been a while since I posted ( Yeah I missed you too ) Super busy... the same old excuse I suppose... but it is true I had a crazy idea today. I've been buying new and used UM2's to run bulk printing. They're great, I recommend them to everyone, and they hardly ever let me down. However, I kinda wanted to change it up a bit. Where's the fun in doing the same 'ol thing over and over. Buy a Um2, buy another Um2, and so on... Tonight I bought TWO UM0+ 's . Why not. They're currently $995, so I can run twice the prints and STILL come in under the UM2+ price tag. I thought I'd post
  9. I usually just take a lighter and melt the two ends together... let cool and take a razor blade to clean the mushroom bulge off... I was just curios as to why it would restart the print again much higher than when it left off... after all, a paused print goes back to its original location?
  10. I see a ton of filaments just sitting out, and some bagged to the right. Is there certain filaments you find that need to be bagged up? Right now I individual bag all my filaments (PLA) with a desiccants packet. How do you like the Form 1 compared to the awesome that is the UM2's? To be honest, I gave up on bagging filament a long time ago. I'll find a good deal on filament, buy a lot and open it up as needed. The office is climate controlled which helps. The only filament I have to watch out for is Nylon. As for the Form 1+, I just posted my thoughts on it after using it now for a yea
  11. Damn, can I hang out at your place for a few... years? Anytime!
  12. Here are some tips and tricks that I've come up with after a year of using the Form 1+ printer... #1 - NEVER use compressed air cans #2 - Invest in a $10 Rocket Bulb ( the little squeezy bulbs that blow air using hand power) #3 - Scrape resin tanks every 5 hours or so of use. You can actually scrape with firm pressure as long as the metal spatula is free of burs #4 - Blow mirrors clean with the rocket bulb VERY often, and try no to put yourself in the position of having to hand clean the mirrors. These are first surface mirrors, and you're kidding yourself if you think you'll ever get them
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