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  1. Not sure it is caused by the EMI. Nobody hit the similiar issue?
  2. Now I am hitting a strange issue. My machine is the ultimaker go. I set the layer to 0.1mm. When the printing start, the Z motor should make the plate go down 0.1mm each time, but I find the plate go down >0.1mm randomly, which make the the full printing failed. Anyone hit the similiar issue? Thanks in advance!
  3. Yes, I tried this way before, and it is a good way. But it take me some extra space, so I occasionally print in this way now:)
  4. Got it. I think now it can fix this issue for me. Thank you cloakfiend for the long explanation. Now I can try a large model in this way.
  5. I means painting. I think the model which is painted with different color can provide a better effect:)
  6. Since each time the printed model is sigle color. Is somebody try to coloring the PLA printed model? I think it really can make the model looks better:)
  7. Thank you cloakfiend for the good suggestion. I think it is good when I am going to print a large model. But for the small model, it is a little inconvenient since each time I have to insert the filament before printing. 1 question, you use the length given by Cura to cut the filament before printing, right?
  8. Yes, it is really important to grab the filament after removing the printer. Thank you ultiarjan. But I am just a little confused why it is more likely to get tangled, since some guys use it and give a good result.
  9. It tangles. Thanks Labern for the information of this smart Filament Clip I will try in my printer.
  10. Sometimes the surface of my model is just like the under extrusion, but the speed and the temperature is fine.I found the root cause is that filament is bound in the spool,so the material cannot be sent to the hot end.Is there someone know how to fix this issue? Thanks a lot.
  11. Thank you Labern for the information. Then I think the machine can handle the sensor and the heater error. What about the motor? If the motor is blocked, it will run until burned out, right? Since I hit this issue previously, I printed 3 models, but 1 fall down from the bed to the bottom. When the printing is finished, the machine try to make the bed touch the z-stop, but the bed is blocked by the model. Fortunately, I heard that the motor is blocked and turn off the machine.
  12. Sometimes I print large model which is time consuming. It is impossioble I sit besides the machine all the time. So I just want to leave it working when I leave the office at night and check when I am back. But I am just worry whether the machine can deal with some emergency situation. For example, the motor is blocked, or the motor is too hot then cannot work, or the hot end/temp sensor cannot work during the printing... They are just my assumptions. But previously I always print during my working time, so even there is some issues with the printer, I can find ASAP. For Ultimaker2, is there some self-protection design for the mainboard or the firmware?
  13. Got it. Thanks neotko and Labern!
  14. I have been using the ultimaker to printing many models. Now I want to lubricate my axes. But from the user manual I found that for X/Y axes, I must use the sewing machine oil, but for Z axes, the grease included in the package is fine. I just a little curious why the sewing machine oil is a MUST for X/Y axes. Thank a lot.
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