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  1. Hi gr5. I simply don't know why they are not shared anymore. The photos are in Dropbox and I don't recollect touch them. But I agree with you, the best is to download them to Ultimaker. I only used my dropbox because I was unable to download them. I have updated the posts. Sorry.
  2. Thank you gr5. I understand all your comments, I'm an electrical engineer with a MS in robotics, but new to 3D printing. This tells me that it will be a little harder than I expected. My son's school also has an Ultimaker2, so to start we have "similar" printers, but it will not save us from experimenting there too. Later on, we are planning to help other local schools with probably other printer models. I see the interesting spool holder that you have in the floor. I went to the web in search of a 3D printer model of a spool holder and I found tons of ideas. Do you have any comments or do yo
  3. Thank you gr5 for all the info. We have not changed the settings yet. It is still the settings I have initially posted in this thread. I do hear the feeder clicking from time to time and sometimes I do see less material coming out of the nozzle after hearing a click. So, I'll check the feeder only to be sure. I'm adding some photos here. The objective is to get experience with 3D printing and come up with an initial settings for the several combinations filament-Ultimaker2 that we may use for the Raptor Reloaded Hand. I have searched the web and several forums, but I was unable to get this
  4. Yes, we are (two pairs of 120% right and left, and two pairs of 105% right and left so far). We have printed two hands with ColorFabb PLA magenta and intense green, but their gauntlets came out with under extrusion issues and one broke after I applied a small closing pressure. I'm back printing with Unimaker PLA white now. Let's see what happens. The nozzle seems not to be clogged. The filament seemed not to be tightly coiled or tangled. It may be the feeder or simply the ColorFabb PLA filament needs different settings.
  5. Thank you very much gr5. We'll try the new settings. We are finishing hand number 6 right now. We have sent our first two hands to the "1000 Hands by October" program and now we are sending an assembled hand to e-NABLE for approval. The other hands will be used to start the school club and to engage other local schools to start their own clubs. We have not tried the fingernail option yet, but we will, in case a child prefers a hand with fingernails. And the torch seems to be a nice tool to have. Thanks again.
  6. There is a stainless steel nozzle 0.4mm sold by fbrc8 in the US that can be attached to the Olsson block. Is it ok to use this steel nozzle or I'll be loosing my Ultimaker 2 warranty?
  7. Thank you gr5 and neotko for the fast reply. My son and I are e-NABLE volunteers and my son will start an e-NABLE club at his school as his 8th grade community service project. We are currently learning how to set the Ultimaker2 to print a "good" hand. I was in search of ways of improving the quality of the printout. With our current settings we are able to print a Raptor Reloaded, 105% scale, in ~17h. The model was split into 3 files (~6h, ~6h, ~4.5h), since schools don't like printouts to go overnight. I understand your comments neotko, but I don't want to deal with a beta software version
  8. In this print of an e-NABLE Raptor Reloaded Hand, you can see overhangs in the gauntlet piece. Any comment on what can be changed on the CURA/Ultimaker2 settings we are using to improve this printout? Photos of the printout and the settings are shown below. Thank you very much.
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