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  1. I'm unable to get this image out of my head... And now, you won't be able to either!
  2. Will this be Cura 2 v3.0 or Cura 3.0 or Cura 3 v1.0? I remember back when Cura 2.0 came out the reason for the version reset was that it was 'Cura 2' whereas Cura 15.x was 'Cura 1' or Original Cura. So is Cura 3 a whole new rewrite, like Cura 2 was, or a progression of versions? What happens when you run into the same version numbers as with Original Cura (in 9 years)? Maybe call it something different so you don't confuse simple minds like mine with these new old version numbers: CurAtion, perhaps
  3. My trick for printing with PETG is to print the first layer at the top-end of the temperature range listed for the filament. In my case, its 240c. This makes it flow like hot honey so its doesn't get pulled around on travel moves. It also sticks better to the build plate (PrintBite, in my case). After the first layer, I reduce the Nozzle Temp to my normal setting for PETG (220c)
  4. Usually means you need another closing curly brace } somewhere in the json - either at the end or further up. I think its your "overrides" group that is not closed at the end.
  5. First thing I see is two commas (,,) after "inherits": "fdmprinter.json",, However, json files are very strict on format, structure and indentation, so there could be issues there that can't be detected in your copy/paste. Use the code tags, > to place your json code in to retain the formatting, spacing and indentation. I will help a lot. It'll also get rid of those emoticons...
  6. I have that bug fixed and its posted on my site for anyone to pick up Cura Post Processing Plugins I did uncover another bug that I haven't had time to fix: sometimes (usually on .2mm layer heights) it will not do any Wood Grain temperature mod on the last few layers, no will it save the Wood Grain Graph at the end of the gcode file. I'll try to get those fixed soon, but I don't consider them critical at the moment.
  7. It's the +0.5 relative Z hop in the End Gcode of the printer profile that's confusing the script. It's written to only know about absolute moves. I'm working on a fix and should have it posted soon. Cheers
  8. As I understand it, the measurements are taken from the nozzle and is the distance to the farthest point of the entire print head: X min: measured in the negative x direction Y min: measured in the negative Y direction X max: measured in the positive X direction Y max: measured in the positive Y direction The Gantry height is the lowest point on the rails in which the extruder assembly rides to the print bed when the nozzle is at height Z=0 Hope this helps
  9. Its a Windows Update issue. Here are some links with more info: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/error_on_launch.html https://support.tidal.com/hc/en-us/articles/206881749-The-program-can-t-start-because-api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0-dll-is-missing
  10. Probably: Preferences -> General -> Opening and Saving Large Models -> Scale Large Models
  11. It's called 'Pause at height' In Cura -> Post Processing -> Modify G-Code -> Add a Script -> Pause at height In Windows: C:\Program Files\Cura 2.5\plugins\PostProcessingPlugin\scripts
  12. You can download it here: http://bitman.org/dahai/WoodGrain.zip
  13. It should go in the plugins/PostProcessingPlugin/scripts folder. Does it not show up in the Extensions -> Post Processing -> Modify G-Code window? I'm not very familiar with macs, do you need to mark it as 'executable' like on Unix systems?
  14. When Installing Cura, just uncheck the Install Arduino Drivers on the 'Choose Components' window in Setup. If you need USB communications, then head over to the Arduino site: Arduino Software And download the IDE, but when you go to install it you only need to check the Install USB Driver item and uncheck everything else. Hope this helps.
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