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  1. Yeah, I know that now haha. Thankfully i only printed the smaller model and not the larger one. That gave me the opportunity to fix my large model before printing it. I still don't know exactly what went wrong (although the models do have internal walls/faces since they are assemblies of smaller parts), but i figured how to fix it. I've been using 3dContentCentral to convert my Solidworks models into STL files. In my version of Solidworks when i export an assembly to STL it saves each individual peice as an STL instead of the whole assembly. Hence my using 3dContentCentral's nifty conversion
  2. Will this work with the 17.10 Lulzbot version of cura?
  3. Hi, i just encountered this problem today. I printed a bad one as i didn't know this could happen. I'm using the "lulzbot version" of cura. Both models were designed in Solidworks and are Assemblies of several separate parts. So i'm assuming something weird is going on when i'm assembling them together. Perhaps some sort of weird "zero thickness geometry"? Using the x-ray view as someone suggested seems to show a problem with the mated faces. I'm wondering if i somehow forgot to mate those faces together and that is what caused my problems. I can use the cura expert settings to fix the bad mo
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