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  1. nallath

    Ultimaker Cura | a new interface

    We have nightly builds, but those are meant for internal release. I will discuss this a bit with the rest of the team, because i do think there is value in providing nightly builds (Although these do come with absolutely 0 guarantees with regards to stability, as they haven't been tested). You're not the first to think of this. I'm a big, big fan of this feature. I've tried to re-implement the algoritm as proposed by https://gfx.cs.princeton.edu/pubs/Luo_2012_CPM/ during a research sprint, but two weeks turned out to be not nearly enough to get to any functional state. I'm trying to get a (computer science) student to do a master thesis on this, so if anyone knows someone who is interested, feel free to send a resume.
  2. nallath

    YouMagine covered in spam

    Yeah, that's why I contacted a few people within Ultimaker, but we don't have any admin accounts, so it's not like we can remove it. I'm not quite sure when it was sold off, but it was some time ago.
  3. nallath

    YouMagine covered in spam

    Well, it's not Ultimakers problem, but it's still nasty that it's out there. I'm also not that sure it's illegal to have in the Netherlands though (youtube, for instance, is filled with videos on how to make guns in a home shop).
  4. nallath

    YouMagine covered in spam

    I've asked around to find out what to do with this.
  5. nallath

    Large print, cutout for print-bed clips

    You need to remove the disallowed areas from the .def.json file, but I wouldn't recommend doing that. This greatly increases the chances of destroying the nozzle.
  6. nallath


    For what it's worth I talked to my lead (although it was a bit awkward to talk to myself like that...)
  7. nallath


    To be honest, I still don't understand what you mean or how this would solve any of the aforementioned issues. But feel free to have a look at the codebase and suggest how it can be changed. I think that will have more actual results than popping generic advice that may or may not be applicable to the situation.
  8. nallath

    Plugins within Cura are missing

    The one way I can come up with that would to do that is to use the register function as a factory (eg; Check API version, return different object depending on the version). But that's far from ideal.
  9. nallath


    You are aware that entry/exit logging is for crashes (and thus, does absolutely nothing when the software hangs), right?
  10. nallath

    Sidebar GUI for Cura 4.0

    I know. But I kinda like the new design. Mostly because I know most of the settings by heart, so I just use the search function. So he's essentially making the same "mistake" we had in the first design; assume that everyone uses (or likes to do atleast) software in exactly the same way.
  11. nallath


    Uh. Those are just cached / compiled files. We could disable that, but then Cura would run a whole lot slower. Also, there is quite a bit of logging in Cura already, but although logging helps, it isn't some magic tool that miraculously enables us to fix all issues. If only that were the case.
  12. nallath

    Flow rate compensation factor. What is it?

    Some materials are a bit strange when you extrude them. If you ask for 100 (whatever the unit is, doesn't matter), some materials only extrude 96 (or something like that). This is mostly an issue for machines that have flow measurement (Such as the S5). There are basicly 2 things that you can do to fix this. If you don't have a flow sensor, you "simply" pre compensate for this factor. So instead of asking for a 100 if you want 100, you ask for 105 in order to get a 100. The problem with that is that if you have a flow sensor, it will give a warning (Because you asked for 105 and got 100, which should be seen as underextrusion). Those two settings are meant to be used to solve this problem.
  13. nallath


    Well, none of the devs can reproduce this stupid bug. If we can't reproduce it, it's almost impossible for us to debug it (and also know if we actually fixed it). Getting angry or typing in caps, although I guess it's probably nice to get it off your chest, isn't going to change any of those things, unfortunately.
  14. nallath

    Plugins within Cura are missing

    Yeah, this was a stupid oversight on our end. I'm now changing the way Cura loads plugins so it's possible to have a single package / plugin be able to support multiple Cura versions (thus not forcing plugin devs to select a single Cura version that they publish their plugin for). Sorry for the confusion / issues about this.
  15. nallath

    Sidebar GUI for Cura 4.0

    You mean like we're already doing? Uh, okay. No need to block anything for that.

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