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  1. Shell extensions (such as those provided by google drive / adobe) are the culprit here. The framework that Cura uses (Qt) has some issues with handling them. If you disable them, it should work again.
  2. It's annoying to me because I never select anything but automatic, so it's a personal opinion. Not a reason for it to be removed. I've also stated a number of (technical) reasons that I know about that made this a rather annoying feature to maintain. Also; I'm not involved with Cura Connect, so any information I give from that is from second hand (and should be treated as such).
  3. I'm unfortunately not seeing anything that could explain the issue. Could you try if the (unofficial) ppa does work (that way we can cross out the appimage as the cause of the problems)?
  4. I'm seeing some issues in the log, but I'm not quite sure if they are causing the issues; - There is a (custom) plugin that is failing to be loaded called the "MKS Plugin". - There is a printer that doesn't have a definition set called BIBO2. This is probably the result of manually adding a printer definition and not adding all the files it needs.
  5. Well, that's another thing about file formats, they quite often don't define what the center is / means. 3MF is one of the few formats that actually does define a origin with respect to the buildplate and what axis is "up". So if you export the file in 3MF and import it in Cura, it should work.
  6. For the next time, could you use the github issue tracker (https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/) since not all developers are on the forum? Other than that, could you share the log files? They might contain some info that we can use to fix it.
  7. Well, we don't always know all the flows that people use. That's why i'm asking. I personally found the dialog to be insanely annoying. Also note; I'm not an engineer that is working on Cura Connect, so I don't have all the information regarding this. It's not just the dialog that's the issue of course. What can happen is that you force something to be printed with a certain printer, but it simply can't ever print it. This causes all kinds of UX issues down the stream (and make the rest of the architecture a lot more complicated).
  8. Cura loads a file with the orientation it was given. That being said, Cura does assume that the Z axis is up from the buildplate. It could be that materialise magics does not.
  9. Could you share your log files? Also; Check if your firewall is blocking things. Sometimes it just decides that CuraEngine is the enemy and blocks all attempts to communicate with it.
  10. Could you share your log files? My initial guess would be that it's failing to write files to your harddrive (since thats how the machines are stored).
  11. Well, we only support the appimage that we provide. So any issues with other packages should be taken up with the respective maintainers. That being said; Nope, I've not seen this issue before.
  12. Well, if you don't care about the color, the idea is that a user selects generic. Generic will match with any color on the printer. If you select blue PLA, it will only be printed on a machine that actually has blue PLA.
  13. What is your specific use case? I never quite understood the logic of having the feature in in the first place (eg; why not just have them all as a group of one if you always want to select manually?)
  14. Interesting idea! I'd love to hear about your progress. if you need any specific advice on how to make the plugin, feel free to contact me.
  15. We're already a slew of Cura updates ahead. Now you can also just disable an extruder if you're not using it. Once you do, the right profiles should appear again.
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