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  1. The write UFP gode is called from a job, which means it's started from a non main thread. The @call_on_qt_thread ensures that it is later called on the main thread. The problem seems to be that when the snapshot is directly called from the main thread, it gives the weird results. That's also why i suggested the job work around. So to get this to work: Create a "WriteScreenshotJob" (subclass off Job), let the screenhot take happen in the run and ensure that the snapshot bit is run in a function with the call_on_qt_thread decorator.
  2. Because most of the printers that Cura supports are marlin based (and marlin flat out refuses to accept higher temperatures). The change made here is indeed intentional. We recently did a security test and this was one of the remarks (eg; it could potentially be used to create files that cause very high temperatures, which can cause damage). Anyway, a machine definition file can change the maximum values, so the high-temp printer manufacterer can just set it to a higher value.
  3. This puzzled me a bit as well, it seems that the snapshot doesn't work correctly. So for now you can get it to work by creating a job and creating the snapshots inside that job.
  4. Contact the manufacturer directly. They know how they built their machine (and also how to set it up).
  5. Did you perhaps disable the um3 network printing plugin? You can check that in the marketplace, under the installed tab.
  6. Uh. The network plugin only tries to connect to devices that broadcast themselves as Ultimaker Printers. So unless your Iphone does that, there is nothing that should trigger that behavior.
  7. Your best option is to contact leapfrog. They are the ones that know their machine and should provide support for it.
  8. STL doesn't have units, so everyone working with them has to make assumptions about it. Cura makes the assumption that STL are in mm. The barbarian plugin provides an easy way to switch between the two.
  9. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/new/choose https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura#logging-issues
  10. Correct. There is always some space taken up by build plate adhesion (and some travel moves, depending on your settings)
  11. That is a different issue. Could you please report it on github? The forum is very badly suited for keeping track of these things.
  12. No worries, it was built in such a way that you can even do it while printing 😉
  13. Look, i believe you didn't find anything in the logs. I also think that we might be able to see things in the logs that don't make sense to you. So as always: 1. Please report bugs / issues on github. 2. Fill in the entire bug template when doing so. That being said; How would updating in place prevent this issue?
  14. Maybe, but it would probably be rather tricky to get right. It's probbaly one of those things that you should do if yo want the last few bits of optimisation squeezed out. Currently there are a lot of things that will take less effort, with equal or more impact on the quality.
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