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  1. Our material engineers do seem to think so 🙂
  2. If you change the fdmprinter.dev.json file and set the enabled property to true you can. You could also do it via code of course.
  3. I tend to just use the preview and look at the "speeds" color scheme. Since the outer walls are normally at the same speed, you should be in a single color. Areas where this is not the case are due to the min layer time kicked in.
  4. As far as I know a 60deg overhang is perfectly printable on an S3. The formulas for non Ultimaker printers are not created by us. It's up to the contributors in question to set them.
  5. Cura already has a setting for shrinkage. It's still disabled by default, since we didn't get it done in time for release, but it can be changed already. It's called "Scaling Factor Shrinkage Compensation"
  6. I don't really see a reason why it shouldn't be hopping on first glance. Could be a bug.
  7. Might it not be the "Max Comb Distance With No Retract"? *edit* Lol, our posts crossed.
  8. I have no idea why that isn't working. It's working on my machine. If you have a good reproduction step, please create an issue on github.
  9. I've got some good news for you then; That isn't the case! If you merge models the origin is set to be the same. You could also just use 3mf / obj files, since those actually support multiple objects
  10. Even though Qidi uses Cura, they haven't released the source code (and are thus violating the licence Cura was released on). I have asked them to adhere to the licence, but i've not been able to get any response from them. As such, I can't say what changes they actually made.
  11. I'm very sorry to say that curasurf is completely right. Once Arachne is merged this is going to be more impossible to convert settings from one slicer to another.
  12. By the looks of it this was manually added to the start gcode. I've only found references to A & B in g-code in context of replicatorG: http://replicat.org/gcodes
  13. Again; please make an issue (one for each issue) on github. It's impossible for us to keep track of things otherwise.
  14. I've never seen modifier meshes being moved, so that's also why it never got any attention. If you have a good set of reproduction steps, i would be more than happy to have a look at it if you create a bug report on github.
  15. Thats what it does by default. But without actual log information, there is little we can do to debug the issue.
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