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  1. nallath

    Breakin Block game in UM2+

    We try to put easter egg games in all machines. The UM3 also has one, but that's a bit harder to find (and much harder to beat!)
  2. nallath

    Material profiles for download?

    Derp. Well, It's on the public repo. I forgot that I run Cura from source.
  3. nallath

    Material profiles for download?

    Inside cura; Top bar > toolbox > materials
  4. nallath

    Print Jobs - Recent History

    The recent history can currently only be deleted by means of "nuking it" (aka; Doing the reset that Nicolinux describes). In the 5.1 release, it's possible to delete specific jobs from the recent history, but this requires the machine to be in dev mode and some manual bash magic. This is not for the faint of heart and definitely not recommended. Also note that the list always keeps the last 10 jobs, regardless if they were duplicates or re-prints. So if you print the same job 10x, that's all there will be in the recent history.
  5. nallath

    cura 3.4 crashes anytime i load an stl file

    Could you share the cura.log file?
  6. nallath

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    I wouldn't suggest it. Completely encasing the printer will change pretty much everything that's going on in the machine. It can be done, but it's not for the faint of heart. Since this is your first printer, try to get a bit of prints done first. After you get a bit of knowhow / feel for it you can consider modifying stuff. The printer does use plastic parts, so you should take care that the inside of the printer doesn't exede ~50 degrees.
  7. STL is one of those weird formats where there is a difference between ASCII and Binary. Binary is "simple" and much smaller (due to less overhead). It basically makes a list of 3 numbers "wide" and number of triangles long. The first point is X, the second point is Y and the third point is the Z. Repeat this until you have all the polygons The Ascii version of STL does something different. It provides a "human readable" version of the file that looks like facet normal ni nj nk outer loop vertex v1x v1y v1z vertex v2x v2y v2z vertex v3x v3y v3z endloop endfacet But as you can already see, it suddenly is supported (at least, technically) to have a single face that isn't a triangle. Why the hell someone decided to have a completely different functionality set based on how you stored it is beyond me (it's also why the only reason that we use STL is because everyone uses it, not because it's actually good)
  8. nallath

    Cura is unusably slow.

    It's not using wxPython. We also regularly check Cura with a profiler. It's not something that's running in a GUI event thread. All of these are kinda the first things you do if something is slow. As for slowness; It seems to vary greatly from one machine to another. It seems to be some combination of hardware & drivers that cause it, but that makes it freakishly hard to figure out what the hell is causing it.
  9. nallath

    Cura Crashing on Gcode Save

    I can't find anything obvious in the logs what could be causing this. There also isn't really a difference between saving to SD directly or you computer, just that it shows a nice popup to safely remove if you save to SD.
  10. nallath

    Time sheduled or shifted 3D Print with Cura?

    Only if. Only if. We mostly figured it out the other way around. During office hours you want small prints to be done because then you can minimize the waiting time (because there is someone to remove the print).
  11. nallath

    Time sheduled or shifted 3D Print with Cura?

    We don't have a solution to do this. It's possible to automate this by using the API and creating a script that automatically calls the resume on a printer, but this requires scripting on your end.
  12. nallath

    3mf Surface Color

    Although that surface color is set by 3mf, it's hard to actually do something with surface information with FFF printing. This is mostly because a surface is infinitely thin and we need actual volume in order to switch between extruders. You can't simply print a so-called "ideal" line. So if you want certain parts to be print with a separate extruder, export them as separate volumes.
  13. nallath

    Cura Crashing on Gcode Save

  14. nallath

    Cura can't connect to UM5 network printer

    Could you share the logs generated by Cura? You can find those at $USER/Library/Application Support/cura/<Cura version>/cura.log
  15. nallath

    Cura Crashing on Gcode Save

    Please share logs. That should give us the info we need to debug it.

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