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  1. As far as I can see, the monoprice_mini_delta isn't a built in definition. I've also not been able to find it in our commit history, so as far as I can see, it never was bundled in Cura.
  2. nallath

    Cura 3.6.0 startup crash in win 8.1

    Could you also share the content of cura.log?
  3. nallath

    Cura 3.5.0 won't load under Windows 10

    We need to patch it because prusa doesn't want to do something? You understand that's a weird shift of responsibility, right? Also, the 3.5 profiles should work just fine in 3.6
  4. Well, the plugins should be updated, soo could you share the logs?
  5. You could share the logs with us for starters. They might contain some info as to what is going wrong.
  6. nallath

    Auto level bed while heating extruder

    On what printer are you printing? Because if there is something happening that isn't in the g-code, it's not Cura doing it.
  7. nallath

    Setting Lock

    This is what happens if you put the same value in the field. User changes always override everything.
  8. It's up to the manufacturers of those machines to contribute these kinds of improvements back to us (or hope that an open source contributor does it for them)
  9. nallath

    Printer connection problems

    We recently found this issue as well. We didn't notice it for the longest time because most people here in the office updated their firmware. This issue is specific to firmware versions that are lower than 4.0. A quick workaround for this is to upgrade your firmware. Sorry for the inconvenience, this is one of the bugs we should have caught (but didn't)
  10. nallath

    Introducing Ultimaker Cura 3.6 | Beta

    Well, I did do the upgrade on my machine (eg; linux). So it's a tad bit different from windows, but it shouldn't be that different. The profiles are in the quality_changes folder. The file I sent you has a number of those there.
  11. nallath

    UM 5 of 3?

    We zijn ook bezig om gebruikersbeheer te introduceren op de machines. Maar dit kost domweg tijd, zeker omdat er best veel verschillende setups mogelijk zijn (en dit een van die dingen is die je als je het doet, goed moet doen)
  12. Oh! Sorry, I missed this topic. On linux Cura has 2 locations where the files are placed So if you want them for 3.6, the config files need to be in ~/.local/share/cura/3.6/ The cura.cfg (preferences) and the plugin.json need to be located in ~/.config/cura/3.6
  13. nallath

    UM 5 of 3?

    De firmware van de 3 en de S5 kunnen aangepast worden, maar dan moet je de machine eerst in dev mode zetten.
  14. nallath

    Help understanding the Origin and 'Prepare' coordinates

    Display wise, Cura always assumes that the center of the build plate is the (0,0) origin (So; if you use the move tool, that's the location where it's moving from!) The machine_center_is_zero basically defines if this assumption is true. For most printers, this is not the case, since they tend to use the lower left corner for the 0,0. That being said; What you want isn't possible without code changes.
  15. nallath

    3.6 Beta - Arrange Models broken

    So when I reply in a snarky way to a snarky comment it's disappointing? Could you explain to me why this is disappointing? I'm really not understanding the issue here, to be honest.

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