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  1. Is the support horizontal expansion different?
  2. Cura has a built in online backup system. Create an account, go to extensions -> backups and create one. On the new machine you can restore the backup.
  3. No, we currently don't provide a way to change how it chooses to automatically place the objects.
  4. The model is also non manifold, which can also cause additional issues.
  5. If only Creality would actually use all that profit from their best selling printers to invest into creating profiles for Cura instead of leaving it up to community members and Ultimaker to fix those problems. I understand that you are frustrated, but I hope that it's clear to you that we are the wrong people to be frustrated with. If there is a bug in the interface that breaks things for all printers, we will gladly have a look at it. If it's just a third party printer that has weird settings, you will need to contact them instead.
  6. I'd argue that it depends equally on the material and the machine. Due to how the hole horizontal expansion works, i wouldn't enable it by default either.
  7. You can control click to select items within a group. That being said, it shouldn't suddenly add a group. Could you also report this on github (https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/new/choose)
  8. That is because the model is invalid. The highlighted areas with the polka dots indicate that. You should have also received a message indicating that the model isn't correct. There are various tutorials / fixing algorithms to fix non-manifold / non-watertight meshes. Try one of those and see if the problem is still there. Alternatively, try to find another 3D model that doesn't have these issues.
  9. Those kind of artifacts can also occur if your first layer is too close to the buildplate.
  10. I don't have the esun petg profile, but i guess it's based of "not_supported", so you could try and change the quality_type to that?
  11. Did you manually change it? The types in the various files doesn't match (left extruder is normal, the rest is draft)
  12. You're going to need to give a bit more info. Do you have log files? Did you check the preferences to see if any of the simulation options are enabled?
  13. That is correct. Profiles are "delta profiles". They store changes comparatively to a quality type. This wiki page explains a bit more how all that works: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/wiki/Profiles-&-Settings That is because those profiles don't have quality profiles. As such, you only have a 0.1 layer height. It's not the storing that causes it, it's you changing the material to something that doesn't have pre-defined quality profiles. That's unfortunately a bit more complicated as it might seem from first glance. A number of settings have formulas in
  14. What is exactly the problem with just upgrading or just importing the profiles? I'm pretty sure that both of those (especially for Ultimakers) are part of our smoke test for every version. So i'm a bit suprised to hear that it doesn't work. If you don't trust the local storage, you can also use the built in cloud based backup system (you can find it under extensions)
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