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  1. Thanks geert-2. I think you're right, that temperature is the main issue. The filament states 220 - 280, and I had it set at 250, i.e.10 degrees below the max. I don't think the filament was fluid enough at that temp, so the drive mechanism slipped and damaged the filament. Just getting the stuck filament out of the hot end has involved dismantling it completely, and I still haven't cleared the hole in the actual nozzle. What I learned from tech support, is that, even if I got it working, the feed mech won't cope in the long term. So I'm abandoning the idea. I actually have an order in for a C
  2. I have just purchased a ruby nozzle and a roll of "X Strand" (glass reinforced nylon) to print on my UM2 (which has the Olsson block but still the original filament drive mech). After having problems and contacting 3DGBIRE tech support, I'm told that this material will not print on the UM2 (so £180 down the drain). Has anybody else tried this (or a similar) combination and got it to work somehow? I am considering upgrading the drive mech anyway, but was told that this wouldn't make any difference.
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