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  1. I'm attempting to print a 30mm diameter bolt and a corresponding nut.

    I'm using Fusion360 and have created a 30mm cylinder onto which I create a M30x1.5 thread. The nut has a 30mm hole and I create a M30x1.5 thread on that too.

    Both just fit together but because there is no slack they're extremely tight and sometimes too tight to put together.

    How should I build in a bit of tolerance? Just make the hole in the nut slightly bigger before applying the thread or is there a more elegant way of doing it?

    I print both on an Ultimaker 2+ using a 0.4 nozzle and fast print with PLA.

  2. I'm new to 3D printing so there maybe an obvious answer to this question. I'm fascinated with the idea that you can print built-in joints into a 3D model all in the same print job. e.g. articulated legs on the elephant and ball bearings in a roller bearing.

    I'm using Fusion360 and as a test I have drawn a ball and socket joint where the ball is set into the socket so it can't pull out. I've added a little tolerance between the socket and the ball but when I try to send it to Cura it only allows me to select one body at a time. Do I need to manually put joins in between the two bodies to fool it into thinking it is one object?

  3. Several more prints later and all is great. Thanks for the advice stu_le_brew and SandervG. It must have been contamination on the Z screw.

    Only had this thing for 36 hours and I wonder how I ever survived before without one! The list of things I want to make gets longer every minute.

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  4. Fingers crossed it may now be OK. I manually exercised the bed up and down a few times near the top of its travel using the wind-round control on the front. The manual raise lower on the maintenance menu didn't take it high enough. This test print is only 20mm high but it's higher than where the fault occurred on the previous prints.

    Another bracket print I think for a test.



  5. Thanks for your comments.

    The cup was taken directly from the SD card with no changes.

    The fans don't start immediately the print starts but come on very shortly afterwards.

    The sticking Z sounds likely. The printer has been whirring away behind me today while I've been working and I'm sure I remember hearing a clunk early on so maybe it is the Z axis sticking. The elephant is nearly finished so I'll make the checks as you suggest and report back.


    It's good to have people to talk to on the subject. Cheers


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  6. I'm only on my second print since I've had my Ultimaker2 printer but on both prints I've had a similar fault. The first test print was the stackable cup and that had a line about 1cm from the bottom where the layers don't seem to have stuck and with very little pressure, the cup split at that point.

    I'm now printing the famous articulated elephant and that appears to have a similar line round it but not at the same point - probably about 1.5cm from the bottom this time. All the rest of the print seems OK but it just seems to get the jitters at one point in the process. I'm using the issued grey PLA so the line is visible as a lighter shade than the rest of the print. I installed the latest firmware last night after the cup print and before the elephant.

    Any suggestions please?


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