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  1. As I understand it - please correct me if wrong - there is a start.gcode for every extruder, which is called in sequence, for every extruder used in the print. Which means that if I have a dual extruder, and the code to center/reset the printhead is in the start2.gcode, it is only called if the second nozzle/extruder is actually used! Which caused the printhead to almost slam into the right wall since it wasn't centered on 0 (I never bother to do this, as the gcode should contain that information). I'm assuming there is an easy workaround for this already, like putting the reset code in sta
  2. Great as cura is, it's bothersome that whenever I change the size of a model, it immediately starts to recalculate the printing time - I haven't even finished deleting the previous numbers, and it already starts, almost freezing my computer. Couldn't it wait until I leave the input field? Sorry to start posting with a complaint - but you know how it is - most people don't bother complaining about things that don't really interest them :-)
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