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  1. I made the modification so that it is easier to level the nozzles. I have removed the Corrugated spring washer. The lock nuts keep the wooden parts of the printhead together. The lock nuts have just been tightened, allowing the thumb bolts to rotate freely. In order to enable the assembly of the cooling fan I made two spacers of washers. The cooling fan is attached to the aluminum plate from below with an 8 mm bolt (I'm not entirely sure, but it can also be a 6 mm bolt or a 10 mm bolt). Adjusting the nozzles: Pull the bowden tube up slightly. Raise the square nuts. Adjust the nozzles by turning the four thumb bolts. If the nozzles are correct leveled, the peek is clamped between the wooden plate and the aluminum plate by turning the square nuts downwards. This also fixes the nozzles. Push the bowden tube downwards so that it presses firmly against the teflon tube. Bold = Ultimaker parts, Bold/Italic = added parts That is all ;-)
  2. I have made a nice Ultibot (ultimaker robot remix pack) dual extrusion print with my UMO. Thanks to Stijn van der Linden for this fantastic object. Nice results with the newest Cura. I have rebuild the print-head, i have removed the "Corrugated spring washer".All parts are hold together with 4 extra "Lock nuts M3" and 4 extra "square nuts M3" and extra "washers". The build plate leveling and print-head fine tuning is not so difficult anymore.
  3. Probably already known, but it's just beautiful to look at. 3D printing with glass, magical!
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