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  1. Same material (ABS) Same gcode The bad print suffers of under extrusion, stringing and poor layer cohesion. It appears also a bit more glossy than the good print. Unfortunately, I'm not able to recover the settings of the good print. I've tested different temperatures, material flow, shell widths, fan speeds. But I cannot reproduce the good print. Any idea?
  2. The video above shows the following strange behaviour on Ultimaker 2: Flow starts regularly. After few seconds the feeder goes in iper rotation. At the same time, the nozzle speed becomes very slow. The problem appeared two days ago (my Ultimaker is 4 months old). The problem persists with different gcodes. The problems disappears if I restart the Ultimaker. The problem comes back after 2/3 prints after restart. What is it?
  3. Just to share a piece of knowledge: passing from 0% to 100% fan, print seems to gain more detail (but poor melting between strings). Se photo in progress below:
  4. I've printed the famous ctrlV test (download it here) using ColorFabb nGen. I'm using it instead of PLA because I need outdoor resistance to moisture (rain) and temperature (from -10 °C to 50 °C). Cura Ultimaker 2 Temp 230 °C Bed 75 °C Fan 0% Flow 100% Question I'm a newby. Do you think I can improve this print? How?
  5. Thanks GR5, You can download the exact gcode of the broken print here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7exesss8awitbzp/aecc71be-ef68-4ffa-bc0d-ce4c2bb293cf.gcode?dl=0 I'm not able to reproduce STL because meanwhile I've changed the model. Opening the new model in Cura x-Ray at very large zoom, I can see red parts that could match with other construction planes, see below:
  6. My print cracks at the 100th layer, exactly where I have placed a construction plan in Fusion 360 (my modelling software). The second photo shows the 100th layer surface, that is more similar to a top layer, than a cracked layer. It seems like my model had been sliced into two parts exactly where I've placed the construction plan. What's the problem? Bad export from Fusion? Bad gcode? What else?
  7. I'm making an ABS structure for an agricultural sensor. This means many hours a day under the sun. I'm looking for a solution to protect ABS from UV degradation, something like a spray or a varnish. Do you have any experience about this issue? Do you know if such kind of products exist?
  8. Resolutive! Below the result: clean though a bit faceted (not as smooth as my first trial)
  9. I'm a beginner. I'm using Ultimaker 2, with PLA, 2.8mm, 210 °C. Till yesterday, I got a perfect print (see left). But today, without any apparent reason, I obtain a stringed print (see right). The model is the same (I've just mede some minor changes at the bottom) and also the printing settings are unchanged (I'm quite shure of that). Settings are as follow: I tried to lower the temperature, and also to increase the moving speed, without resolving the problem. Do you have any idea of what's happening? Thanks.
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