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  1. I just switched to quickprint. On the left hand side my only selections are Fast print, Normal print, high quality and ulti quality and a box to check for support structure and platform adhesion and nothing else.
  2. Thanks.I usually select ABS on the little display on the ultimaker machine. Does this override the selection in CURA? Also I hadn't updated the firmware for CURA 15.04.6 which I have been using to produce the gcode. the ultimaker was using th firmware for 15.04.2 - could this cause me problems?
  3. Thanks. I did switch from unltimaker abs to luzbot abs a while back when ultimaker wasn't available so this along with a new coupler and a cleaning of the olsson block and nozzle seems to have solved my problems. Also I updated my firmware for the CURA 15.04.6
  4. Thanks. I set the fill lto 24% and the print is looking better. However, I have successfully used 50% fill in the past.
  5. Thanks. I did check my coupler and it is a little burnt.
  6. Cura 15.04.6 says that it has improved material properties. Can anyone tell me where to find and set the material to ABS in Cura 15.04.6?
  7. I have done the Atomic pull several times and cleaned the drive mechanism. I still think it is a software problem because the inner and outer shells of each layer are extruding properly - only the fill is under extruded. How can the Ultimaker hardware work for the shells and not for the fill? Also I have the fill and shell speeds all set to 40 mm/sec.
  8. All speeds are set to 50. The only thing that works is to set the flow to 200%.
  9. I have my fill speed and the print speed both set to 50. The bottom layers and the perimeters come out fine but the fill is way under-extruded. I have seen several other pictures from other posts which show the same problem and most of the answers say that the fill speed should be lowered to that of the print speed. This did not help. I measured the dia of the filament that is extruded at the start of the print and it reads .42 mm so I don't think the nozzle is plugged - but I used the atomic method several times anyway and also poked the .4 mm wire cleaning tool thru it. I also cleaned out the filament drive mechanism. I finally was able to get a good fill pattern by clicking on the tune button after the print was started and upping the flow rate to 200% !! I figured that this would really mess up the perimeters etc. but the (5 hour) print came out fine. The last time I used my Ultimaker 2 was two months ago and at that time I was using the default values for a normal print. Have I somehow messed up a setting in CURA? I am using the 15.04.06 version.
  10. My heated bead stopped working after 5 months. Upon taking it apart I noticed that the clamp that holds the heater cable to the aluminum plate is too large and doesn't completely stop the cable from moving/flexing - so the cable or the solder joints or screw connections are fatigued or loosened and finally fail. I wrapped the cable with tape to increase its dia and this seems to have fixed the problem.
  11. Thank you very much. I just wasn't pushing the plug in hard enough.
  12. The power cable on my Ultimaker 2 has disconnected several times in the middle of a print. If I wiggle the connector, the machine will start up again. It is very sensitive. Has anyone had the same problem and if so is there a recommended replacement connector?
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