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  1. What are the chances that Ultimaker (or a 3rd party) will release an upgraded control board for the 2+ that hasWiFi/Ethernet and the same "Cura Connect" type firmware that the Ultimaker 3 has? I have both the 2+ and the 3, and like the ability to connect to the printer from a web browser to check on the prints.
  2. I tried your suggestion of setting just the support roof to extruder 2. It did what it was supposed to do (sort of), But still did not give the nice clean separation between the filaments. I think because its still doing the zig-zag support for extruder 1, and that filament is still too close to the non-support material. So, I went back to my model and made some modifications so that I could print it upside down with only minimal PVA support where it was touching the bed. Basically that gave me what I needed. Sometimes you just have to flip things upside down.
  3. I love when I print with PVA as a support material that I get nice smooth, flat surfaces where the support material is. However, when I print supports with the same material as the object, it prints so that there is only a slight bit of plastic touching the main object so it can break away easily. I understand the reasoning. However, it would be nice is perhaps the majority of the support structure that DID NOT touch the model could be printed using the the main filament (say PLA), any ONLY a small portion of the plastic that touches the model is printed in PVA. Then I could get
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