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  1. Hi Ian, Can you share your settings? And you have done the Gregs Wade modification?
  2. Hi People, I've the UM 2+ and i got the NinjaFlex filament yesterday, my question is if anyone tried the NinjaFlex on the UM 2+ and if yes, can you share the Settings? Thanks & Best Regards, Andre.
  3. Hi Sander, thanks for the feedback, and yes i will learn with the PLA and after that i will start with the flexibles.. By the way, some questions, what program you are using? Cura or Simplify? And anyone have some profiles or tutorials to start on the ultimaker? The Zortrax is working fine, +60Kg Printed in 1 year and prints with same quality as new. By the way if you want check it at www.3drcstore.com Thanks & Best Regards, Andre.
  4. Very good... Some more weeks and i Will teu to show some mines Thanks
  5. Awesome!! I Own a Zortrax, but i bought last week the U2 + and i'm waiting that she arrives. People show me more Thanks & Best Regards, André.
  6. Hi People I will buy a UM2+ for the next week and I will want to print a lot of flex filaments, can you please show me your best flex prints? Thanks & Best Regards Andre Carvalho.
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