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  1. 22 hours ago, nallath said:

    What Cura does is that it copies the newest version it can find (say you upgrade from 3.4 to 3.5). In that case, it copies the 3.4 folder to 3.5. After that, it will try to upgrade the files to the new version.


    The main issue is that we were forced to make some changes that are not easy to upgrade. So even though the settings might still be more or less the same, the structure to which they need to be converted is not. Unfortunately, a lot of these things are always easy to see in hindsight. Some of them are also things that we should have done right away, but for various reasons, didn't do/ see/ realize.

    I've just tried to only put your 2.7/3.0/3.5 folders through the upgrade process of 3.6 and it works without a hickup (I'm not a 100% sure that it got all your profiles, but it seems that it did). So my best guess is that something went wrong along the way (and once it's gone from the upgrade tract, it won't re-do it, since it upgrades version to version)


    So, if you want your old profiles back, delete the 3.6 folder and try again. Alternatively; Use the attached 3.6.zip (the 3.6 folder that my cura upgraded from 3.5). You could also try and delete all other folders apart from 2.7 (I do seem to get more profiles that way, but since I don't know what profiles you want / actually deleted, I can't help you with what version is the "correct" one).



    Sorry Nallath but that didn't work.  I un-zipped file you sent me above , 3.6,    and when I cehcked the Profile folder within there is totally empty.  Needless to say that when I ran 3.6 using this set of  files, there were no profiles there at all. Could you please check the file you sent me.  If the "upgrade process" on the files I sent you appeared to work OK for you and worked on your system,  then it couldn't have been using the set of files you sent me, unless I have missed something. 


    Not sure if this is relevant, but when I look through all earlier versions of cura that did work OK upgrading for one version to the next, I see a folder called "old" .that contains all the previous profiles. Can't see that any more.

  2. Hi ahoeben,   Thank you for your help.


    Attached is the zipped folder I hoping you needed.


    When I checked the files in it, it seems that 2.7 has all the profiles,  but most are missing from the later 3.x  versions. Can I just copy them over to the newer version folders, or is it not as easy as that? I am worried that the reason they do not appear in the later version folders is that there is some software incompatibility, seeing as how they will not even manually Import either.


    Should I post some of my .curaprofile's   that V3.x doesn't want to accept?


    Cheers,  Jon



  3. Hi Msuurmond, 


    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    Probably about 5% of the files do transfer automatically over with the 3.x Cura version install.  The others don't,  and cannot be imported.


    I have found a folder in C:\Users\Jon\AppData\Local\cura  that seems to have all the profile files but they are all .cfg files which seems is not a compatible file format for upload. What have I done wrong?


    I do also export every new profile to my "product folder" specific to the project I am working on at the time.  And they all seem to be .curaprofile  But they are all individual folders.


    What do you want me to send you? 


  4. I was hoping that 3.6 would fix the cure profile  backward compatibility problem of the last few versions.  Just about every piece of decent reliable software on the planet is backward compatible to some degree with their recent versions - but not Cura it seem,  and only talking about version 2.x  from  less than two years ago - not 10 years or even 5. 

    I have some 100  important profiles that Ver 3.x throws back at me as being corrupted or "does not contain any valid data"  What a joke.  All those original setting parameters (that I am aware of at least) still exist in the new Cura version. It's just they have added new features which sure, is great, and I'd like to use them. OK, so there are new setting parameters that have been added, and these have default settings so why not just  automatically update the Cura profile files when using the import command when importing a previous version and add in the default settings for the new version.  Happy to then adjust and edit these.

    Very sloppy and lazy on the part of the programmers I reckon. I guess they don't  live in the real world ☹️

  5. 20 hours ago, SandervG said:


    Cura won't brick your Ultimaker, if anything it would be the firmware. Since it's freely available from our website you could just download it, give it a try. And if you don't like it you can install your current version again. 


    My apologies SandervG,  I meant the firmware,  not Cura itself.  Should I be checking  and updating the firmware with each new version of Cura that I install?   i.e. are they "linked"  or totally unrelated and independent  of one another?  Am I correct in thinking that some updates and new features in later versions of Cura won't work without an associated firmware upgrade?

  6. Thanks Smithy.   Yes, I'll stick with UM2+ for now, and just see how things go with the UM3 and 5.   


    Couldn't be happier with the UM2+.   But my dilemma is whether to go to a Ver 3.x  Cura  or stay with Ver 2.    Does Ver 3.x offer any significant advantages on a UM2+ or is it just frills ?   If any worthwhile advantages I would like to try it but that involves upgrading the UM2+ firmware and I've read of this sometimes  "bricking" some printers. I can't risk that.  I use the printer almost every day and I'm not a programming geek who easily get into the Auduino bootloading sections and code etc to unbrick it!  What version do you use on your UM2GO?

  7. I've had a UM2+ for a couple of years and been extremely happy with it, and have recommended it to others.  I design and build functional prototypes for the electronics and LED lighting industry. I had been thinking about upgrading to a UM3 or UM5,  but it is a rare occasion when I have wished I had a dual extruder or needed a bigger build volume.  I guess I have just learnt to design using minimal support structures and will often make the item in two parts, print them together, and then glue them together to eliminate the need for support structures. 


    The UM2+ has been essentially bullet proof in it's operation.  Seems can't be said for the UM3 or UM5, sadly,  or the later versions of Cura. Think I will stick with the UM2+ and Cura Ver 2.x  for the time being, until Ultimaker get these products back on track and bug free again, without the customer having to be the guinea pig at their own time, frustration and expense.


    But  I do love my UM2+ and Cura Ver 2.x.....!!!!


  8. Seems strange after reading the previous posts,  but I am not having any problems with nGen.  No stringing.  It's actually become my favourite filament.  I find it excellent for functional parts and especially like the high 85 degree glass transition temp.  I think it's about the highest of any filament.  I have had several PLA parts sag and deform from sitting in a hot car on a sunny day. 

    I did originally have layer to layer bonding issues but they were corrected by reducing the fan speed.  0% for the first two layer,  and then generally 25% for the rest although I do increase it a little for very small parts.  I print at 240 degree with 80 degree build plate.


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  9. I have about eighty cura profiles that were done in  Ver 2.1.3.  Most of them will not import into Ver 3.5.1  I get the error message “does not contain any valid data”.  I also tried Ver 3.0.3 and got the message “has an unknown file type or is corrupted”.    


    A few of the original  profiles did automatically load across when I installed and opened the later versions of Cura,  but most of them didn’t,  and will not import.

    Is there any way to successfully import these into the current version of Cura?   


    To have to manually rebuild all my profiles to use Ver 3.5.1 is going to be an horrendous task. 

  10. Due to my location I can only get wireless broadband with a very meagre data allowance. I have noticed a huge increase in data usage when I use Cura. I checked the network activity/traffic and CuraEngine.exe is uploading heaps of data to somewhere.

    Checking a bit further I found that whenever I load a file on the platform, it sends of about 10 as much data as the size of the actual file. This got ridiculous the other day when I was loading multiple small items on the platform. In no time at all I saw 500MB of my data allowance disappear - all attributed to CuraEngine.exe I am limited to 15GB a month - that's less than 500Mb a day, so this has become a major problem for me.

    Why is it doing it , where is it going, what is it being collected for, and how to I stop it? If I block or disconnect the internet while I'm using Cura, that doesn't seem to help either because even if I then switch Cura off when I've finished, and then connect the internet back up again, it seems as it it has been buffered and then sends all the data.

    Using latest version of Cura 2.1 but I think it also does in on 15.04.5 .. There is a Setting in General "send anonymous print information" and this switched off.

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