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  1. Have a 2+ that I'm generally happy with; in the market for a second printer, but I will be very pissed off if I put down big bucks on a 3 and then the Ultimaker 4 comes out two months later. One thought is to buy one of the impressive low end machines, so I have a back up and can use for simpler tasks. Still can't fins any hints on when the Ultimaker 4 will come out.
  2. Thanks Izzy! Unfortunately its the "worst case." I did some preliminary disassembly of the printer head and now can see a big blob of PLA encasing the heating unit as well as the power supply wires and sensor. It will take some time to softer the PLA and remove it. Not a fine experience with my brand new UM 2+!!
  3. I've had my Ultimaker 2+ a couple of weeks now and have printed several parts cleanly, both in PLA and ABS. Ok, so now I'm starting to think I know what I'm doing. Then last night I setup overnight print job using PLA. I came down this morning to find the incomplete part had detached from bed and a rat's nest of filament surrounding the moving print head. Peering into nozzle mount structure I can see a lump of silver PLA backed up inside around the nozzle. Clearly after the part became detached, the filament started backing up. I went into "Atomic mode," cranking the temperature up to 260 C
  4. Hey Everyone, I have ordered my Ultimaker 2+ and will begin work on the InMoov finger soon, and then the hand. It would be cool to share the journey with others over the course of the build. Other ImMoov builders please shout out if your on the bandwagon. Thanks!
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