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  1. None of the vendors/distributors I get listed at Buying options mentions that there will not be an aluminum build plate. The only difference between these resellers is if they advertise that the aluminum build plate will be shipped free of charge to existing S5 owners or if it will be an add-on accessory. That's only the official resellers ultimaker.com. If you look at the numerous other vendors, it's exactly the same. They all keep advertising the aluminum build plate.
  2. It would help if you'd read what the issue is before commenting. So again, you can get the S5 onto a LAN or Wifi network only under a very limited set of conditions. It is not sufficient if your environment meets the documented system requirements. The actual system requirements are nowhere documented. This is bad ony many levels, and it is dishonest. Among the limitations of Ultimakers networking support is the lack of an interface to set up a static IP address. Your smartphone and even your $10 home router have such interfaces and you can not brick your smartphone by setting up a s
  3. Once more: yes, if it is undocumented. No, if it is properly documented. And if a manufacturer is willing to make it failsafe, he can provide a validating user interface. The same applies for other unsupported "features" like the configuration of a static IP address or the disclosure of the network devices MAC address. This has been discussed before. Some people need to use static IP addresses, some people need the MAC address of a network device. And everybody who needs dimensionally precise prints needs to calibrate the steps values. That's the basic calibra
  4. Yes, if it is undocumented. No, if it is clearly documented. For comparison, please check the manual for your car or your dishwasher. At least mine are very well documented. The documentation matches with the delivered product, and it includes instruction what to do when popping the hood. In both cases it helped me to fix faults myself without being a car mechanic or a service technician. Just one example: So far, nobody was willing or able to point me to a firmware documentation. I need this for calibration. All I could find out within the past months is
  5. The PPA is maintained by an Ultimaker employee, and it is far superior to the appimage - at least if it works. Recently a 4.0 version was released. Now Cura does not even start anymore. Regarding what Ultimaker considers to be "supported": Officially, Cura seems not to be supported at all. If one asks a question, the support request if forwarded to the local distrubutor. And the local distributor considers Cura unsupported because "it is open source" and it "is not part of the Ultimaker printer package". It is some kind of an add-on goody. If I can not get answers to questions, I thi
  6. Sure they did. Just ask the easter bunny or uncle santa. FFS, the aluminum bed was a key feature of the S5!!! This is from the official promotion video for the product. This video is not a technology preview!
  7. When engineering a new product, aren't research, product development and testing the steps which comes before selling the actual product?
  8. Switched that S5 thing on after several weeks of not touching it. And now the Slicer in Cura 3.6.0-PPA is broken. AGAIN. Same as a YEAR ago. No matter how small the file is, the slicer stops at about 40%. It is just hopeless trying to do anything with the S5. There is basically every time something broken. And, by the way, I still have not received the promised aluminum print bed. The S5 is an endless nightmare of disfunctionality and annoyances. For a horrible price tag. It ruins every attempt to work productively on a pr
  9. Hi, yesterday, the Cura PPA was updated, and today Cura was able to detect the S5 again. Yay! The printer offered me a firmware update from to Idiot me chose to install the fiormware update. It says now: for the past five hours! What the crap is happening?
  10. @Shadowman: Thanks for backing me up. I fully agree that there are a lot of good things about Ultimaker. For example this forum and the idea behind the Cura software. However, we started with Ultimakers a couple of years ago. Went through UM2 to UM3 and then to the S5. Price increased massively, some gimmicks were added, a few flaws were ironed out. But quality did not increase in a healthy relation to the price. The UM3 (Extended) could have been a decent printer. But Ultimaker messed it up with dishonest specs about the build space and disfunctional software. Yes, I am referri
  11. Firstly, Ultimaker hired the repository maintainer, if memory serves right, about a year ago. It's nothing but ridiculous to keep refusing to support this one repository. Secondly, who says that the PPA version is the root cause for Cura's problems to connect with the printer? Last year it was that bloody Appimage which could not connect with the Ultimaker 3 (which became a showstopper for productive use). Honestly I am sick and tired of a company who sells a device in this price range and refuses support on all levels. Cura? Help yourself, it's open source. Configure a static IP add
  12. > […] we can't make old software magically do new tricks. Connecting a printer with Wifi is not a "new trick". It worked before. The Appimage is trash. It's slow, it does not integrate with the os environment and it is not maintained through os mechanisms (apt package management). The existence of a operational Debian repository was one of three criteria to purchase the S5. If the repository is broken like last year, it's a clear reason for Debian/Ubuntu/Mint users not to buy a S5.
  13. For me, the S5 is becoming a massive dissapointment. After several months, it is still not possible to calibrate the X/Y/Z axis for accuracy; there is still no aluminum print bed; and Cura 3.4.1 PPA does not recognize the printer anymore when connected through Wifi. Except for the aluminum plate, all these issues already are existing for years. They have not been resolved. In reality that might mean for you: You can not access your printer through networking, only with USB stick - bad! You can not get precise prints with exact dimensions - bad!
  14. I am encountereing the same issue on an S5. All engineered parts are distorted and I am advised to calibrate the printer. What happens with the factory calibration is that prints are distorted with a different offset on each axis (yes, even with Ultimaker 'ToughPLA' filament and the factory profiles). This offset won't be noticable if you are printing artistic objects, but everything breaks what needs to have defined measurements, e.g. mechanical parts that need to fit together. I have printed a bunch in the past month, and it all falls apart respectively does not fit together beca
  15. Some quick updates about networking. I have set the S5 now to do Wifi with an static IP address. So far it works nicely and persists a reboot. Also, with networking the S5 starts to behave a bit different. E.g. it immediately offered an firmware upgrade, which also completed successfully; also, Cura discovers the S5 more reliably, and monitoring with thte webcam works smoothly. The steps to get networking configured for Wifi with an static IP address are not exactly trivial, but they are not overly complicated, either. Honestly I do not understand all this fuzz, it is totally
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