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  1. Should there be a wire coming out here ?
  2. No neither of sides are turning and it’s pla
  3. Hi guys i have this problem were my ultimaker 2+ over extruseds like in the photo i've tried printing at a lower temp and and printing slower thanks in advance
  4. Yes it is pla and thank you for your help and i will try that now
  5. Hi guys I have a problem with my ultimaker 2+ were on a small overhang makes the print look quite bad
  6. hi guys does any one know how to use a 0.5 nozzle on my Ultimaker 2+. the software that i use is the latest version of cura
  7. Hi guys I am haveing troble with my ultimater 2+ extruding filerment will seep out between the nozzle and the thing you screw it into and then it doesn't push out the right amount of filerment has anyone I can do I need to buy or do thanks Josh
  8. Hi guys i'm am in the UK and i can't find any 2.85mm ninja-flex does 3mm ninja-flex work the same or is it to big for the extruder
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