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  1. I have a couple of PCs running Cura and I would love to be able to store all profile settings in the cloud, so all my settings are shared across all PCs. Currently, I use a symlink for C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\cura to my cloud folder. That works just fine, but in terms of useability, it is an awkward way of achieving that. So, my feature request would be to include a way to a) select a settings folder path during install and b) an option to change the location (and migrate the files to that location) later on in Cura settings.
  2. Even though it is possible to import a profile from a previously generated gcode file, the way how to do it is cumbersome. Consider the following workflow: Load STL-version1.0 Apply profile "normal" Customize settings for the specific STL Export to gcode At a later time, assuming you printed other objects (read: changed settings), you edit CAD and create STL-version1.1 Now you have two choices: Go to step 2 and redo custom settings Import profile from gcode_version1.0 and apply it While the first option is usually not the fast way, the second might be the right one. BUT I don't want to have a profile imported for every part I reiterate through my design process. And since 3D printing is a lot about prototyping, there must be an easier way to re-apply print settings without clogging up the profile list. So here is a list of possible solutions: Drag and drop previously Cura-generated gcode to Cura: Ask if contained config should be applied to current objects (or even better / overkill (?): present a checkboxed list to select to which object(s) the settings should be applied) Right now, on DnD a gcode file results in an error msg. What a waste in terms of useability Add a button labeled "Load from gcode" next to the profile dropdown. Long story short: Alongside the import functionality, one should also be capacitated to just load settings and thus keep the list of profiles nice and tidy! From a programmers point of view, most of the functionality (retrieve settings from gcode, apply them) is already there, what's missing is the right implementation in the GUI aka DnD and / or button. Cura 2.5 ROCKS by the way. Love the new "Layer view mode" and also searching in settings is super handy. Amongst the tons of other things I like about the software. Outstanding job! Cheers Claude
  3. Profile -> Manage Profiles -> Import -> File Types -> G-code File Cool. Thx for quick reply. Suggestion: to make it more intuitive, prompt user if profile should be imported (or not...) upon drag and drop of gcode file.
  4. I meant all the print-specific settings, I guess that includes some of the information provided in the quality-profile and materials. But as you pointed out, the infos are already in the gcode, just not where I expected them, but at the end of the file. Is there a way to re-load the settings from the gcode file? Feature request? Or is there another reason for them being prefixed with ;SETTING_3?
  5. Please re-include save settings again in 2.3+. Helps a lot for comparison, analysis, fine-tuning..... I suggest to a dropdown "Save profile settings": - No - Beginning of GCode (makes most sense to me since settings cannot get lost) - Separate [stl_file]_profile.ini Personally, I don't mind the settings having different names - still better then zero information.
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