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  1. Thanks @Labern for the link to Ultimaker's new UM3 door kit! This is excellent news.
  2. I totally agree with the door issue (see my post from Jan 2017). I didn't buy because of the missing doors. I also wanted it designed by Ultimaker to assure printer head clearance, to assure the enclosure does not overheat the motors and to assure it does not void warrantees. I'm not looking for another hobby. I am looking for a turnkey tool for my shop. No 3rd party add-ons; no cardboard boxes.
  3. I wish Ultimaker would enclose the UM3 to make it a turn-key pro product. I'm sure Ultimaker could do it correctly to make the UM3 a solid performer on higher-temp materials. Will owners void warranties by using home made or 3rd party boxes and bags?
  4. I decided to wait for real Ultimaker 3 doors, while continuing to look at already-enclosed products.
  5. Thanks @ultiarjan for the very detailed reply. I'll definitely take a look at those. I'm was hoping for more of a turn-key system for Ultimaker 3, but maybe those will work.
  6. Hi Folks. Ultimaker states for the older printer: "The use of the door is strongly advised for most filaments that print at higher temperatures and which are likely to have problems with layer bonding. Because the door controls the temperature inside the printer, it prevents delamination and improves the surface quality of the prints." When will Ultimaker provide a door for the Ultimaker 3?
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